Encouraging volunteerism with inspiring experiences

Encouraging volunteerism with inspiring experiences

Lunch with Douglas, Co-founder of G.O.D.

Started in 1996, G.O.D. has evolved into a lifestyle brand and a contemporary icon of Hong Kong culture. “There is so much beauty in our culture. Our mission is to use design to conserve our heritage in modern times.” said Douglas as he shares with us his story and vision. His passion in crafting a […]

Lunch with Francis, Project Director at Horizons Ventures

Horizons Ventures is a Hong Kong based venture capital firm with focus on disruptive and technology-focused start-ups. It has funded some very well-known tech companies including Skype, Siri, Facebook, Spotify and more. Prior to joining Horizons Ventures as Project Director, Frances has started 2 start-ups with 1 company being successfully sold to Facebook. We had […]

Lunch with Irene, Assistant Director at Housing Authority

With over thirty years of experience in the Housing Department, Irene has been involved and now oversees all facets of public housing development work in Hong Kong. Today our volunteers visited Irene at the Housing Authority Headquarters to learn about sustainable development, community engagement, and green building initiatives, followed by an off-site tour at Housing […]

Meeting with Kylie, Founder of PathFinders

Pathfinders guiding missions are that all children should be respected and protected. They worked to assist distressed migrant women who have born children in Hong Kong. Our volunteer (Le Peng) has very warmly written to share his takeaway and experience! Two key takeaways: Find our your own definition of success. Although wealth and status are […]

An Afternoon with Lisa, Founder of Sheer

Founded in 2011, Sheer is a luxury lingerie boutique that was born out of Lisa’s frustration of lack of quality & affordable lingerie. Together with our volunteers, we spent an afternoon with Lisa as she shares with us her vision, motivations and challenges with creating her own business. Thank you Lisa for donating your time […]

Coffee with Derek, Co-founder of Brew or Drip

Enjoying a cup of coffee after lunch with Derek So, Co-Founder of Brew or Drip! Speaking with Derek, you might be surprised to learn prior to opening Brew or Drip, he had not considered entering the coffee retail industry. With a background in architecture, law and sociology, Derek has always been passionate about starting his […]

Lunch with Bonnie, CEO of Icicle Group

Corporate job vs Entrepreneurship? Can businesses be environmentally friendly yet sustainable? How to balance being a mother and a CEO? As a banker turned entrepreneur and a mother of one, Bonnie is the CEO of Icicle Group, a cross-media marketing and creative production company that is driving sustainable practices in the industry, which makes her […]
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