Introducing Swire Trust Go-Givers Program — Volunteer Your Skills & Redeem Rewards!


With the support from our Principal Sponsor The Swire Group Charitable Trust, we were able to launch a skilled-volunteering matching platform in Aug 2020 and matched over 7,500 volunteers to support 465+ NGOs (as of Feb 2022)!

Together, we’ve also launched the Swire Trust Go-Givers Program which encourages skilled volunteers to support Swire Trust’s NGO partners, creating synergy with Swire’s philanthropic efforts.

About Swire Trust Go-Givers Program

From 2020 to 2022, the Swire Trust Go-Givers Program encourages skilled volunteers to support Swire Trust’s NGO partners and features different educational and experiential rewards that the volunteers can redeem with their hours.

10 “Swire Trust Go-Givers of the Year” will also be selected and rewarded every year based on the recommendations from the NGOs, volunteer hours committed and impact generated, raising the standard and awareness of quality skilled volunteering!

3 Easy Steps to Join

1️. Browse Volunteer Projects that Need Your Skills

From Marketing to Mentorship, discover projects from Swire Trust NGO Partners that need your support at HERE.

2️. Get Matched with NGOs

Easily sign up to get connected with the NGOs. If it’s a good match, you can start volunteering!

3️. Redeem Experiences

From mixology class to museum tour — Redeem experiences with your volunteer hours for Swire Trust NGO Partners HERE.

Happy volunteering!

List of Swire Trust NGO Partners

Click the NGO names to see their active projects or you can also browse all projects at!

HK5Senses Theatre (Baby Children Theatre of H.K.)

Causes: Education, Arts & Culture

ADM Capital Foundation

Causes: Education, Environment, Animal Welfare

Animals Asia Foundation

Causes: Education, Animal Welfare

Arts For Good Foundation

Causes: Education, Community Development, Arts & Culture

Asian Charity Services

Causes: Community Development

Autism Partnership Foundation

Causes: Education, Community Development, Youth

Be Priceless

Causes: Education, Poverty, Youth

BLOOM Association Hong Kong

Causes: Environment

Bring Me a Book Hong Kong

Causes: Poverty, Education, Community Development

Books and Beyond Reading Club

Causes: Education, Youth

CA Centre for Refugees

Causes: Poverty, Education, Community Development


Causes: Poverty, Community Development, Human Rights

Changing Young Lives Foundation

Causes: Education, Poverty, Youth

Crossroads Foundation

Causes: Poverty, Community Development

CareER Association

Causes: Disability, Youth

DADs Network

Causes: Education, Gender Equality, Mental Health


Causes: Education, Community Development, Youth

EDiversity Limited

Causes: Education


Causes: Education, Community Development, Youth

Enrich Hong Kong

Causes: Poverty, Education, Gender Equality

Faith in Love Foundation

Causes: Gender Equality, Youth, Poverty

Feeding Hong Kong

Causes: Food Waste, Poverty

Food Angel by Bo Charity Foundation

Causes: Food Waste, Poverty, Elderly

Fu Hong Society

Causes: Disability

Gingko House

Causes: Community Development, Elderly, Mental Health

Habitat for Humanity

Causes: Community Development

HandsOn Hong Kong

Causes: Education, Elderly, Environment

Health In Action

Causes: Health, Community Development, Poverty


Causes: Arts & Culture, Education

Hong Kong Bird Watching Society

Causes: Education, Environment

Hong Kong Children In Need Foundation

Causes: Poverty, Education

Hong Kong Dignity Institute

Causes: Human Rights

Hong Kong Marine Policy Alliance

Causes: Environment

Hong Kong Maritime Museum

Causes: Arts & Culture, Youth, Education

Hong Kong Unison

Causes: Youth, Education, Community Development

Hong Kong Youth Arts Foundation

Causes: Education, Arts & Culture, Youth


Causes: Poverty

InspiringHK Sports Foundation

Causes: Sport, Youth

J Life Foundation

Causes: Food Waste, Education, Poverty


Causes: Education, Youth, Mental Health

Justice Centre Hong Kong

Causes: Human Rights

KELY Support Group

Causes: Community Development, Youth, Mental Health


Causes: Education, Youth

Music Children Foundation

Causes: Education, Arts & Culture


Causes: Education, Arts & Culture, Education


Causes: Poverty, Education, Youth

Outdoor Wildlife Learning Hong Kong

Causes: Environment, Education, Community Development

Outward Bound Hong Kong

Causes: Education, Community Development, Youth

People Service Centre

Causes: Poverty, Community Development

Plastic Free Seas

Causes: Education, Environment, Youth

Playright Children's Play Association

Causes: Education, Community Development, Environment

Resolve Foundation

Causes: Disability, Human Rights, Community Development

Ronald McDonald House Charities Hong Kong

Causes: Health

She Loves Tech

Causes: Gender Equality, Community Development

Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (HK) (SPCA)

Causes: Education, Animal Welfare

SOWGOOD! Positive Education Centre

Causes: Education, Youth

Special Educational Needs & Parents Association

Causes: Education, Youth, Disability

St. James’ Settlement FOOD-CO

Causes: Food Waste, Poverty, Community Development

Soap Cycling

Causes: Health, Environment, Community Development

Sunnyside Club Ltd

Causes: Health, Youth, Disability

Sustainable Asia

Causes: Education, Environment

Tai Hang Youth Centre

Causes: Education, Youth

Teach For Hong Kong

Causes: Education

The Absolutely Fabulous Theatre Connection

Causes: Education, Arts & Culture

The Centre for Special Educational Needs and Inclusive Education (CSENIE)

Causes: Education, Disability, Mental Health

The Child Development Centre

Causes: Education, Community Development

The Hong Kong Society for the Blind

Causes: Health

The Hub Children & Youth Centre

Causes: Youth, Poverty, Education

The Nature Conservancy Hong Kong Foundation

Causes: Environment

The Nesbitt Centre

Causes: Disability, Education, Faith-based

The Orchestra Academy Hong Kong

Causes: Education, Community Development, Arts & Culture

The Society for the Aid and Rehabilitation of Drug Abusers

Causes: Mental Health

The Women’s Foundation

Causes: Gender Equality

The Zubin Foundation

Causes: Poverty, Education, Mental Health

Time Auction

Causes: Education, Community Development

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Updated on 25 November, 2022
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