What is Time Auction?

Time Auction is a charity that advocates volunteerism. We encourage volunteering with inspiring experiences, while connecting skilled-volunteers with NGOs.

By volunteering at any nonprofits, one can earn unique access to their passions — from learning to cook from Michelin-starred chefs to creative workshops. Our platform also matches professionals who want to volunteer their talent with nonprofits that need those skills.

How does the incentives program work?

We feature empowering experiences that you can redeem with completed volunteer hours.

First, volunteer at any nonprofit you support.

Then log your completed volunteer hours on our platform.

Once your volunteer hours are verified, you can redeem the experience!

How does the skilled-volunteer matching platform work?

Did you know that 93% of NGOs need skilled volunteers, however 83% of them couldn't find the support they need?

Our skilled volunteer matching platform helps nonprofits, charities and social enterprises recruit skilled volunteers. You can discover and apply to the projects that need your support, and the organizations will get in touch with you!

How do you verify my volunteer hours?

We ask you to provide us with the below information of your volunteer work: (1) Organization name; (2) Your volunteer work details; (3) Contact information of the organization. We will then do our due diligence and if everything checks out, your volunteer hours are verified.

Is Time Auction a charity?

Yes. We are a registered charity in Hong Kong as approved by the Inland Revenue Department number 91/15276. Donations to us are therefore tax deductible.

Can I sign up for multiple experiences?

Absolutely! You can sign up for multiple experiences. For example, if you volunteered a total of 20 hours, you could redeem 10 towards one experience and the other 10 towards another.

Is there an age limit to participate?

No, we welcome participants of any age! That said, there may be a specific age requirement for certain experiences, please check the event page for details.

Why do I have to pay for certain experiences?

Time Auction is a registered charity which relies on the support from our community. Your payment covers relevant costs such as venue, food, as well as the running costs of our programs to promote volunteerism and organise more awesome experiences.

Can my friend and I combine our hours?

You cannot add up the volunteer hours of multiple people to claim an experience. That said, your friend is welcome to join an experience as well!

Can I count someone else's hours towards my own?

No, silly.

Can I cancel my experience and get a refund?

By signing up, you are committing to volunteering which also enters you to enjoy an inspiring Time Auction experience donated by generous donors. As such, cancelling is highly discouraged. If you must cancel, please contact us at [email protected] in advance.

Please see our Late Cancellations & No Show Policy here.

What if the reward does not live up to expectations?

That's the worst... we curate all the rewards to ensure a good mix of quality experiences. If you end up having a sub-par experience, please email us at [email protected] and let us know how it can be improved.

What kind of organizations can I volunteer at?

To redeem our experiences, Time Auction counts volunteer work at any registered charity, non-profit organization and non-profit social enterprise anywhere in the world, which support causes such as:

  • Relieving poverty;
  • Helping victims of a disaster;
  • Relieving sickness;
  • Helping to advance education, scholarships and non-profit making schools;
  • Helping the physically and mentally disabled;
  • Preventing cruelty to animals;
  • Protecting the environment;
  • Supporting faith-based institutions of a public character;
  • And other charitable acts for the benefit of the world.

We evaluate any requests for volunteering at other charitable causes on an individual basis. Please email us at [email protected] to confirm if what you plan to do will qualify. Time Auction has sole discretion to decide whether the volunteer work qualifies to redeem an experience.

Do all my volunteer hours have to be done with one organization?

Not at all! You could volunteer for different causes that you're passionate about.

The charity didn't verify my volunteer hours. What should I do?

The charity may have missed our email about verifying your volunteer hours (it happens!). Email us at [email protected] and we’d love to help follow up!

If you have other proof of your volunteer work e.g. a certificate/letter issued by the charity, please share with us too and this will help to speed up the verification process.

I am new to Time Auction skilled volunteering platform, how do I get started?

We’re excited to welcome you to our community! Below is a quick guide on how to get started:

  1. Sign up as a Volunteer here by clicking “Join” on the top right corner
  2. Choose your skills to keep yourself updated on new projects that suit you (We will be sending you a personalised weekly newsletter!)
  3. Discover volunteer opportunities and apply here:
  4. Log your hours during/upon completion of your project

Can I volunteer as a non-Chinese/Cantonese speaker on Time Auction platform?

Of course! There is a variety of projects that require different skills and languages. Please refer to project details and requirements to confirm as every organisation has different expectations.

I’m volunteering for a project on Time Auction platform. When should I log my hours?

You can choose to log your volunteer hours incrementally during your project, or when you’ve completed the project. Just head to to fill in the details!

Can I volunteer for Time Auction?

So nice of you to ask! We are only a small team striving to do big things. If you would like to help, please email us at [email protected].

Can I change my login email address?

Since the email address is attached to your account, we're afraid it's not possible to change it, instead you can create a new account. However please note no previous data will be transferred to the new account.

What types of non-profits do we support?

We're happy to support a variety of organizations that are doing good in the world, including charities, non-profit organizations, and social enterprises. Please see below for the types of organizations that we're able to support:

  • Registered charities on the Section 88 list, as per the Inland Revenue Ordinance in Hong Kong, or equivalent registration in other countries;
  • Non-profit organizations and social enterprises with constitution documents that demonstrate their non-profit making nature (i.e. they prohibit profit distribution to owners).

Go to our website, simply click "Join" and select "Organization" to register. Our team will reach out to you for next steps.


Do you do any due diligence on the organizations you feature?

Yes, all for-impact organizations must go through our due diligence procedure, where they will provide information such as their organization's mission, registration documents and annual report.

Our volunteers are advised to proceed at their own discretion and let us know if they have any feedback on the organizations as well.

How can you tell if an organization is a non-profit?

At Time Auction, we make sure an organization is a registered charity by checking the Section 88 list of tax-exempt organizations on the Inland Revenue Department website.

For non-profit organizations and social enterprises that are not registered charities, we request their relevant constitution documents to confirm that they operate as not-for-profit entities. Valid documents may include articles of association or board declarations. These documents should confirm that the organization does not allow profit distribution to owners and operates under a non-profit model.

What if the non-profit distributes profits to owners?

While we do accept different types of non-profits, we can only recognize those that don't give out profits to their owners. If your non-profit constitution allows for profit distribution, we won't be able to provide volunteer hour recognition or support your organization through our volunteer matching services. Thanks for understanding!

Still have questions?
Email us at [email protected]. We aim to reply all emails within 24 hours.