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【小事大意義】時間換可能:義工配對平台 惠及社會及基層人士

i-CABLE, April 2021


CTgoodjobs, May 2021

義工時數 換取體驗

Lion Rock Daily, April 2021


HK01, April 2021

太古集團公益事務總監陳婷婷 細說慈善基金資助工作

Hong Kong Economic Journal, March 2021


AM730, March 2021

星期日檔案 - 待業不失業

TVB, February 2021

Sassy Supports: Time Auction

Sassy Hong Kong, February 2021

網上平台助NGO尋專才 疫下義工人數反增

晴報 Sky Post, December 2020


Wantedly, December 2020

義工疫發圍 WFH獻技能

Lion Rock Daily, October 2020

Time Auction線上義工配對 推義工普及化

Capital One, November 2020

機構推技能義工配對平台 盼助NGO找到合適義工

HK01, October 2020

Time Auction義工配對成功率九成

Hong Kong Economic Journal, October 2020

Time Auction推技能義工配對平台

香港商報, September 2020

Time Auction Founder Fion Leung Is Reshaping The Idea Of Volunteering. Here's How

Generation T, August 2020

【創業idea💡】做義工換名人飯局 2位80後靠$1000成功創業 連陳方安生、曾俊華都buy

Cosmopolitan, March 2020


Fortune Insight, April 2020

Time Matters in Volunteerism

HKUST News, January 2020

【創業奇招】義工時數換名人飯局 兩女生棄金融厚職為慈善服務

Hong Kong Economic Times, December 2019

義工時數換名人飯局 80後「拍賣時間」助青年追夢

Orange News, December 2019

開嚟見我 Interview

香港開電視 Hong Kong Open TV, December 2019

金融雙妹嘜 辭工創平民版「畢菲特午餐」:冇咩蝕,why not just try it?

Apple Daily, November 2019

Mentoring Youth

The Standard, November 2019

做義工換名人飯局 取學習機會 Time Auction︰不是價錢可衡量

HK01, October 2019

For 10 Hours Of Volunteering, This Charity Lets You Dine With M'sian Business Leaders

Vulcan Post, September 2019

會員可用義工時數換名人飯局!兩名80後女生創立Time Auction|Startup新世代

Economic Digest, September 2019

Clock up volunteer hours for a chance to meet business leaders: Hong Kong charity Time Auction’s unique model to inspire young

South China Morning Post, April 2019


Column by 陳智思 on 頭條日報, January 2019

SIMPLY ME 「唔扮嘢,做自己」- 雪兒& Fion – 義工服務 豐富人生

GIORDANO, June 2019

邀成功人士飯敍 助打工仔取經追夢

Hong Kong Economic Journal, June 2019

曾俊華周一嶽等出席 全球370慈善機構受惠

Hong Kong Economic Journal, June 2019


ETNET, May 2019

Meet Your Dream Business Mentor with Time Auction

Hive Life, February 2019

Fave Announces One-year Sponsorship for Time Auction Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Jakarta.

Fave, December 2018

Encouraging volunteerism

The Man In Blue, December 2018

夢想成真,做義工 10 小時換取和名人、成功人士飯局聊天談創業

Harper's Bazaar, September 2018

兩港女創「時間拍賣網」 義助平民子弟創業

Hong Kong Economic Journal, August 2014

This Charity Auctions Business Leaders’ Free Time For Worthy Causes

Tatler Hong Kong, December 2017

敏感時刻 Radio Interview

RTHK, December 2017

Time Auction connects young volunteers with Hong Kong leaders

Young Post, July 2017


JESSICA, January 2016

80後創「拍賣時間」 助青年追夢

Hong Kong Economic Times, May 2015

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