Encouraging volunteerism with inspiring experiences

Encouraging volunteerism with inspiring experiences

Lunch with Shing, Founder of Easyvan

Meeting with Shing, Founder of Easyvan! Shing came with a really interesting background — before he started Easyvan, he was a professional poker player for 7 years. Prior to that he had worked at Bain Consulting for 3 years and graduated from Stanford. He shared many personal insights to running a start up and compares […]

Meeting with Jennifer, Founder of ARCH Education

The 2-hour session with Jennifer was definitely the most useful crash course for these education-minded volunteers, covering everything essential from interview skills to how one can help change education for the better! This meeting has raised over 60 volunteer hours to Hands On, Service Civil International, Mission to New Arrivals and more.

Office Tour with Asif, Founder of Spacious

If you are looking for flats & apartment in HK, you might want to check out Spacious Hong Kong! Asif Ghafoor (Founder & CEO) is the Programmer, Designer & Business Development man behind this start up with a vision to bring more transparency & better end user experience for the online property platform. Thank you […]
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