Encouraging volunteerism with inspiring experiences

Encouraging volunteerism with inspiring experiences

A Farm Visit with Cookbook Author Cathy Lee

It was a back to nature experience where we went to an organic farm called 我地農莊 in Yuen Long to experience the farm to table concept in HK! Cathy Lee, cookbook author of “Your Vegan Friend” and founder of PubArt gallery became a vegetarian 8 years ago which has inspired her to publish her own […]

Lunch with Steven, Founder & CEO of GoGoVan

If you have been following the Hong Kong start-up scene, you’d have most likely heard of Steven Lam, Founder & CEO of GoGoVan. Along with our volunteers at Time Auction, we had the opportunity to meet Steven and hear story of his entrepreneurial journey and the creation of GoGoVan. Steven’s teenage years were unlike his […]

Dinner with Garic, Chief Officer (Business Development) of Taipan Bread & Cakes

Had a thought-provoking night with Garic, Director and Chief Officer (Business Development) of Taipan Bread & Cakes. Garic offered us a very holistic view on life, especially for career planning. He advises us to dig deep into an industry we’re interested in — understanding the job routine, and more importantly, how people’s values are shaped […]

Lunch with Emma, CEO of Quintessentially Lifestyle

Quintessentially Lifestyle is a global private member’s club that offers concierge & lifestyle management services. We sat down and chatted with Emma as she shared how she arrived alone in Hong Kong, and with sheer determination, landed a job at British Chambers and eventually at Quintessentially to build their presence in Asia. Her advice to […]
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