How David H. Helped Educational NGOs with Coaching and Mentoring Projects | Time Auction Impact Highlights

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Meet David Ho!

David is the Learning & Development Manager of Miki Travel Asia, designing L&D platform and training portfolio for 300 staff across APAC. In the meanwhile, he has actively taken up the roles as MC, Speaker and Facilitator for various events since 2016. With the fruitful experiences in delivering speeches and coaching services, he decided to embark on a journey of volunteering!

"The word, Auction, caught my immediate attention at the very first sight."

"What's the correlation between auction and volunteering?" This is the first reaction that came into David's mind when he first encountered Time Auction. He soon found out about our unique experience-redemption using volunteer hours & the Swire Trust Go-Givers Program, which captured his interests in starting to generate impact through skilled-volunteering!

David's Volunteer Journey —— Coaching & Mentoring Our Future Pillars

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In light of the extra spare time amidst pandemic, David volunteers his expertise by providing mentorship and coaching as a student workshop facilitator for various organisations, ranging from Junior Achievement Hong Kong, CoCoon Foundation to Books and Beyond Reading Club, not to mention his latest volunteering project with Kids4Kids!

"Time Auction led me to a fresh volunteering experience with a structured & organised platform."

Prior to learning about Time Auction, David never got a chance in supporting worthy causes with his skillset. Time Auction helped him to tap into a new world of volunteerism with a "structured and organised" tech-platform. With the guidelines received from the organisations, a very clear expectation of every volunteering project is communicated to him, allowing David to know what he should do during every workshop and how he can best serve his audiences. 

"As a rookie dad and coach of fresh graduates, skilled-volunteering allows me to keep up with the younger generation!"

David’s biggest takeaway from skilled-volunteering is the deeper understanding of the  younger generation through interacting with the students in every workshop. He perceives himself as a learner while taking up the role as a trainer during volunteering. It enables him to learn how to talk with the potential audience that he has to face in the workplace while preparing him for the communication techniques as a father!

Fear of Failing? Don’t Underestimate the Impact You Can Create!

"Enjoy the process itself, instead of evaluating every moments."

David gave his words of encouragement to people who are feeling scared of failing the volunteer project. He feels that it is completely different from being at work —— It's more about polishing your own skills while trying your best on giving back. Organisations are very understanding and appreciate the effort you've put into the project. Try applying to projects and progressively you'll begin to see the impact you''re generating. Sometimes you may perform beyond your expectation and even surprise yourself (not to mention the confidence boost)! Trust in yourself and give it a shot.

Thank you so much to David for contributing 41 volunteer hours and more to come!

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Interviewed & written by Haley Yu

Updated on 30 June, 2021
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