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Project completed on: 17 May 2021 
Volunteer hours: 3

What did Time Auction need? 

Time Auction is a charity that encourages volunteering with inspiring experiences, while connecting skilled-volunteers with NGOs. By sharing expertise and completing the required volunteer hours at any NGO, volunteers can earn unique access to different experiences they are interested in.

As a startup charity, Time Auction has a small team of 4 full-time staff and have many ideas on what they could do to engage more skilled professionals to volunteer their talent to NGOs. They needed a professional to guide them on scoping out their objectives, brainstorm ideas, explore various options which can generate the most impact, and then turn the ideas into a plan to execute. 

What did CaaS have to offer? 

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CaaS is a consultancy applying design thinking as a strategic tool in digital transformation journey. They help clients to shape new business opportunities through iterative validation with real customer, allow quick turn arounds to ensure success in digital strategy.

CaaS organised a co-creation workshop for Time Auction, applying Design Thinking to brainstorm how they might facilitate more NGOs to find skilled volunteers and engage more people to offer their skill set. They also helped them to tease out what are the next steps they can essentially explore. 

What was the impact delivered to Time Auction by CaaS? 

Now with more clarity on their objectives and next steps, Time Auction can put together a plan and timeline to test and validate their ideas. They also learned a lot from CaaS on how Design Thinking could be applied to their brainstorming and planning process. 

“We’ve always had lots of ideas and many advisors who suggested what we could do to create more impact. The CaaS team actively listened to our objectives and understood our stakeholders’ perspectives — we can now turn our ideas into an action plan!” 

Fion Leung, Co-founder at Time Auction
Amon, Amy from Caas, with Michelle, Annissa and Fion from Time Auction (left to right)
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Updated on 28 May, 2021
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