How to Have a Great #1HourWith Your Mentor

Before your #1HourWith Mentorship Session, you're strongly encouraged to spend 1-2 minutes reading this checklist and top tips to maximise the opportunity.


📜 Before your session

  • Do your homework. Google your mentor’s name and learn as much as you can about them
  • Determine 2-3 core questions
  • Find a quiet place with great internet connection and join the call on time
  • We have a "one strike" ban policy for no-show bookings without informing the other party. Cancelling within 24 hours is also counted as no-show

    1st strike: 1-month suspension
    2nd strike: 3-month suspension
    3rd strike: Banned

    If you are late or can't attend due to an emergency, please email your mentor and our team at [email protected] immediately.

🙋‍♂️During the session

  • Starting the call
    • Briefly introduce your name and background
    • Tell them why you choose them as your mentor and in general what you want to learn from them
    • Invite them to briefly introduce themselves too
  • During the call
    • Go through your list of prepared questions
    • Ask for specific examples to illustrate their points
    • Take notes. Please don't record the conversation unless you receive permission from the mentor
    • Keep the session within the allotted time
    • No solicitation of business, commercial or promotional material is allowed
  • Closing
    • Ask closing questions to see if you missed anything
    • Take a virtual selfie with your mentor 🤳

‎‍🚀After the session

  • Send a thank-you note within 1 day. Remember, this is why the mentors donate their time – they want to know they’re making an impact
  • Write a testimonial for your mentor:
  • Keep the conversation and the mentor's contact confidential unless you have permission to share
  • Respect their boundaries and avoid spamming them with waves of follow-up questions and random requests
  • Share your experience on LinkedIn or other social media platforms tagging #1HourWith @timeauction
  • Embody what you've learned - Prepare an actionable plan to work on!

😉 Advice from the Community

Here're other tips from our mentors & mentees that they wish you'd know!

  • Always respond to emails in a timely manner
  • It'd impress the mentor if you took the time to understand them before
  • Send supplementary information on what you’d like to discuss before the call
  • Don't be shy and open up! But also make sure that you’re not the only person talking
  • Have a goal in mind to make the session practical, and put some thought into writing the thank you note
  • Connect with your mentor on LinkedIn after the session!

What’s Next?

Now that you know the top tips on how to maximize your #1HourWith Mentorship Session, it's over to you to Sign Up Today for a session with your volunteer hours. ✨ Together we grow as a community!

 Got some tips of your own to share? Let us know in the comments!

Updated on 4 April, 2022
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