Article Translator (Chi-Eng)

Translate two articles from Chinese to English (1.5-2 pages each)

Article Translator (Chi-Eng)
Community Development

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Project Details

What we need
  • Translate two articles from Chinese to English (1.5-2 pages each)

We are now preparing the annual report 2020-2021 for our organisation, which contains story sharing of underprivileged children with autism and their families that we served. We are looking for talent who is capable to translate these stories into heart touching ones in English.

What we have

We will provide Chinese content and past references.

Why this is important

We are committed to making a difference to the lives of children with autism and their families, and also hope that more people will be aware of autism itself and the situation that these groups of people are encountering through public education and publicity.

Project Period

04 Jul 2022 - 18 Jul 2022





2 hours per week

  • Copywriting
Experience Level
  • Open to all
  • Students
  • Some experience
  • Extensive experience
  • Chinese (Cantonese)
  • English
Age Range

Swire Trust Go-Givers Program aims to encourage skilled volunteers to support Swire Trust NGO partners in education, marine conservation, and arts.

From now until 2025, 10 outstanding volunteers will be selected annually as the “Swire Trust Go-Givers of the Year" with special and empowering rewards. 40 volunteers who contribute the highest number of hours annually will also be recognised! Meet our previous Go-Givers here and view the rewards here.

About the Organization

Autism Partnership Foundation


Community Development
What we do

Autism Partnership Foundation (APF), a registered charitable organisation in Hong Kong, is committed to making a difference to the lives of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and their families. We provide intensive Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) therapy for children with ASD from low-income families. In addition, we organise training programmes and workshops for parents, aiming to improve the behavioural problems of their children. APF also generates public awareness and knowledge about ASD through various public education and publicity campaigns. For more information about APF, please visit: or Facebook/APFHongKong.

Article Translator (Chi-Eng)

2 hours per week, 15 days

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