Breadline (Foodlink)

Hong Kong


Food Waste

What we do

Breadline is a web application that connects volunteers 
 to bakeries to collect bread surpluses just-in-time for those who need it. It is Hong Kong first’s public digital platform for food rescue. We work with major partner NGOs and bakery chains in Hong Kong and we have recovered over 100,000 packs of bread since we started 2 years ago. Breadline is data-driven and it is based on Dr. Daisy Tam's ongoing research on food security. It has received multiple local and international grants, including the prestigious Fullbright award and it was partially developed at MIT's Urban Risk Lab. Every day, 3,600 tonnes of food waste are sent to landfills in Hong Kong, while one in five people live in poverty and struggle to afford nutritious meals. Breadline's mission is to put a stop to this.

Active Projects

Past Projects

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