How Mable Channelled Passion Into Positive Change | Swire Trust Go-Givers of 2021

Together with Time Auction, the Swire Trust Go-Givers Program encourages skilled volunteers for Swire Trust NGOs partners from 2020 to 2022. 10 outstanding volunteers will be selected annually as the “Swire Trust Go-Givers of the Year” with special rewards & recognition. Meet our 10 Go-Givers of 2021!


Meet Mable!

Mable is an experienced graphic designer, whose experience in the design industry extends to over a decade. As a fully-fledged designer, she has strengthened her problem-solving skills, with experience working in-house in financial firms throughout the years.

Prior to joining the Time Auction community, she already had an array of experiences in volunteering. From being a flora conservation volunteer at Kadoorie Farm & Botanic Garden, to maintaining the butterfly habitat at Fung Yuen Butterfly Reserve, she is no stranger to volunteering! 

Channeling Passion into Volunteer Projects

Mable was immediately intrigued after coming across Time Auction, and the volunteering opportunity with the Hong Kong Marine Policy Alliance (HKMPA), on a job posting site. HKMPA is an NGO that’s on a mission to achieve a  full-fledged, holistic, public policy in protecting Hong Kong’s marine ecosystem. A nature-lover herself, Mable found the cause very meaningful and was quickly matched as an Infographic Designer!

Mable was responsible for typesetting and designing a booklet for the HKMPA. From the perspective of a newly-established NGO, great infographics are really important to help allow others to visualize their cause, allowing stakeholders to gain a better understanding of the organization’s work. 

With the help of clear guidelines, Mable executed the role smoothly, utilizing her design and problem-solving skills to deliver a 50-page booklet for HKMPA’s position paper booklet. As an in-house designer for corporates, Mable enjoys the flexibility given for a volunteer project, as she loves creating designs from scratch. 

“I absolutely enjoyed the creative freedom that the organization gave for this design project.”

Take a sneak peek at the designs done by Mable:


Getting Involved in Turning the Tides for our Ocean

The biggest takeaways for Mable were the insights she gained into marine conservation in Hong Kong. “I was not aware of marine conservation before, but working with them completely changed this!” After reading through the materials given by the organization, Mable came to understand their marine conservation research and the positive impact that these efforts are making. She’s more than happy to be involved in building on the efforts to raise public awareness on marine conservation, turning the tides in favor of our oceans.

Mable finally reflected on the importance of choosing the right organization and cause, before volunteering, since this directly shapes the kind of experience you have. There’s no doubt that working on something we care about is fulfilling, especially if it aligns with a purpose close to our hearts. Take some time to volunteer your talents and make a difference in our community!

"Mabel has been an amazing help for our alliance. Our position paper booklet has 35 pages, requiring a design support to highlight the important scientific data, background information as well as recommendations. Mable as an infographics designer and typesetter had dedicated 55 hours to the projects, showing dedication throughout and has delivered high-quality visuals to us. With her support, the project is completed successfully. She has shown commitment and professionalism throughout the projects, demonstrating outstanding qualities as a volunteer and can act as a role model for other volunteers too."

— Hong Kong Marine Policy Alliance

Thank you so much to Mable for contributing 55 volunteer hours at Hong Kong Marine Policy Alliance and more to come!

To see details of the Swire Trust Go-Givers Program and support their NGOs partners, head over to Time Auction website.

Interviewed & written by Leo Chick | Edited by Emma Lascelles

Updated on 10 November, 2021
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