Finding the Extraordinary in the Ordinary | Bryan Fok, Swire Trust Go-Givers of 2022

Together with Time Auction, the Swire Trust Go-Givers Program encourages skilled volunteers for Swire Trust NGO partners from 2020 to 2022. 10 outstanding volunteers will be selected annually as the “Swire Trust Go-Givers of the Year” with special rewards & recognition. Meet our 10 Go-Givers of 2022!

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Meet Bryan

Practising law has always been a popular choice among aspiring students. Some are fascinated by the eloquence of barristers in the court, while others are charmed by the meticulousness of solicitors who are often buried under piles of legal documents. Yet, after they have progressed from “aspiring” to “successful,” what next steps await them? For Bryan Fok, it is to go from “successful” to “meaningful.”

A new case

Being a practising lawyer specializing in commercial law, Bryan is experienced not only through cases from his law firm but also through the Free Legal Advice Scheme of the Duty Lawyer Service. Bryan is no stranger to using his skills and profession to help others. 

So when he learned about Time Auction from his friends, he immediately searched the volunteer matching platform to see if there were any suitable opportunities. Soon, he found that the Sunnyside Club was seeking a legal and governance advisor. Undoubtedly, Bryan found his perfect match with the Sunnyside Club.

Established by volunteers from the Cathay Pacific Group, the Sunnyside Club is a Hong Kong charity dedicated to supporting disabled children and their families through sponsoring special equipment and organizing festive activities. Concretely and vividly, the NGO’s mission is to "put smiles on faces."

A seemingly ordinary project

Since the Sunnyside Club’s establishment over two decades ago, its Articles of Association have remained unchanged. Accordingly, the NGO’s committee would like a legal expert to overhaul its existing operation, update its guiding policies, and recommend suitable future paths. Ultimately, they hope to build a modern legal infrastructure to operate smoothly and generate the most significant possible impact on their targeted service users. Fortunately, Bryan can offer precisely such expertise. 

As the old saying goes, “every problem is an opportunity in disguise.” Indeed, unforeseen problems turned into new opportunities as they started the project. At their first meeting, where Bryan listed out everything to be done, the NGO was shocked to know that they had largely underestimated the workload and complexity of this task. 

This problem, however, posed a new opportunity for both the Sunnyside Club and Bryan: the NGO could recruit another volunteer into its organization to share the work. At the same time, Bryan could get a chance to work with different people outside of his firm. Bryan’s volunteer partner - a fresh graduate of law - offered him an alternative perspective on the industry’s landscape by sharing the new challenges which young lawyers face nowadays. Later, they developed a long-lasting mentor relationship as the aspiring lawyer asked Bryan for career advice.

Bringing extraordinary impact

Undoubtedly, such professional collaboration led to fruitful results. “Bryan is very committed and dedicated to helping us to revisit the details of Sunnyside Club Limited's Articles,” commended Vivian from the Sunnyside Club. “He produced a detailed and high-quality comparison summary of different aspects and made recommendations for every aspect for our consideration.”

Not only are the project’s outcomes reflected in the NGO’s updated Articles but also in how Bryan sees pro-bono work. “It is different from my daily work as these NGOs will not be fee-paying clients, and their concerns are very different since they are charities,” he explained. For example, these NGOs are not hoping to maximise profit with legal advice. As a result, Bryan can use his professional knowledge in an entirely different context when advising NGOs. “I think using my existing knowledge for new purposes is an interesting combination.”

This new purpose is also given further meaning through the Swire Trust Go-Givers of the Year award. Being nominated for this recognition, Bryan is delighted to know that his volunteer work is valued by the NGO, which thanked Bryan: “We truly appreciate his professionalism and expertise in the legal advice offered to us, which is of great help. His patience, can-do spirit, and endless support to Sunnyside Club meant a lot to us.”

Most importantly, by receiving this award, Bryan wants to become a role model.

“I want to show other people that what you do at work can also be used to help others outside of work."

By encouraging more people to volunteer, the impact of one single person can be multiplied infinitely. Indeed, doing something “meaningful” is not only limited to oneself or one NGO, but it can also be for all via volunteerism.

Thank you so much to Bryan for contributing 40 volunteer hours & beyond at the Sunnyside Club!

To see details of the Swire Trust Go-Givers Program and support their NGO partners, head over to Time Auction website.

Written by Margaret Ng, Volunteer Copywriter

Updated on 28 October, 2022
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【想支持社區發展?】Time Auction搵到符合你專長嘅義工活動
喺以前讀書階段,可能你已經試過參與唔同義工服務,例如賣旗、老人院探訪等等⋯⋯但係,其實宜家嘅義工服務已經同以前好唔同!現時嘅義工活動多元化得嚟新穎有趣,甚至可以足不出戶坐係梳化,就做到技能義工(Skilled-volunteers),利用自己嘅專長同興趣貢獻社會。以下為大家介紹一下同社會發展 (Community Development)嘅非牟利機構(NGO),你可以了解一下佢哋嘅服務同理念,參與其中: Crossroads Foundation 國際十字路會 國際十字路盡其所能將需要幫助既人同能夠提供幫助嘅人聯繫起來,提供一個十字路口,從需求及供應鏈方面入手,致力解決全球性貧困問題。 Drink Without Waste 免「廢」暢飲 免「廢」暢飲喺一次性飲品包裝工作小組發起既倡議,由飲料製造商、進口商、廢物處理同回收商、公共機構、零售商同非政府機構所組織嘅聯盟。 致力將廢棄飲品包裝數量減少及支持推行「生產者責任制」。 Sons & Daughters Sons & Daughters組織致力幫助遭受性剝削既人士重新獲得愛、家庭同自由嘅生活。 ImpactHK 同路舍 同路舍向無家可歸人士提供直接的全面支持,幫助佢哋喺安全既屋企安頓下來,恢復身心健康,建立自尊,增加會資本並尋覓人生目標。 Branches of Hope 希望枝子 希望枝子為香港邊緣化及弱勢社群恢復尊嚴、正義和希望。致力通過關懷、賦權同社會改革為難民、尋求庇護者同人口販運倖存者喺社區地位帶來改變。  義工服務(一): 友師哥哥 / 姐姐(Mentor) 如果喺成長路上能夠遇上一個人,亦師亦友,對於個人發展同成長當然有極大幫助。成為友師哥哥或姐姐,每月只需同小四至中四嘅同學仔聯絡一次,傾下偈關心佢哋嘅現狀,有時開解下佢哋,分享生活上嘅點滴。聯絡方式不限,方便平時各位生活忙碌嘅大家,只需抽少少空餘時間關心一下有需要嘅同學仔,而且年齡經驗不限,想成為義工只要有心就可以! 【立即申請】 義工服務(二): 社交媒體撰稿員(Social Media Copywriter) 平時玩開Social Media嘅你,有無諗過影相、寫Caption、Copywriting同出Post,已經可以參與到義工服務?識得數碼營銷嘅你,只要有意學習或有一定Digital Marketing工作背景嘅朋友都可以申請,最重要係可以為社會精神健康問題發聲,出一分力。 義工主要工作包括:季度性支持NGO嘅Marketing團隊,每月撰寫3至4篇文案同唔同背景、經驗嘅人一齊工作,認識新朋友,而且每星期最少服務2小時就可以參與。想了解同學習Digital Marketing嘅朋友,不容錯過呢個義工機會啦! 【立即申請】 義工服務(三): 活動助理 / 活動攝影師(Event Assistant / Photographer) 專長係市場營銷(Marketing)、活動管理及公關(Event Management & PR)、創意媒體(Creative Media)嘅朋友,咁就可以留意一下有關活動助理 […]
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【想支持青年發展?】Time Auction搵到符合你專長嘅義工服務
青少年係社會嘅未來棟樑,除咗學習之外,唔少非牟利機構(NGO)都透過各式各樣嘅計劃同活動,為青年人創造與社區連結嘅機會,而無論你係學生定係打工仔,都可以成為技能義工(Skilled-volunteers)提供義工服務,利用自己嘅專長同興趣支持青年發展(Youth Development)。以下係本港一啲與青年發展相關嘅NGO,俾你了解一下佢哋嘅服務同理念: Books and Beyond Reading Club Books & Beyond Reading Club 推行趣味英語教育,為基層學生提供免費嘅創新嘅英語學習計劃,培養學生嘅英文閱讀同寫作興趣,並發展小朋友嘅社交情感技能,提升佢哋嘅自信心同自我認同感。 青年成就香港部 Junior Achievement Hong Kong 青年成就香港部為香港學生提供「其他學習經歷」(OLE)嘅課程,致力啟發年青人為未來就業同創業做好準備。 童協基金會 Kids4Kids 童協基金會透過塑造嶄新嘅學習方式,激勵年輕人合作,並與社區連結,致力培養小孩及年輕人成為創變者。 維樂天 Variety 維樂天與唔同嘅夥伴、社區同專家合作,為有需要的兒童及青年提供機會,給予支援,並協助建立活躍社群,以助他們盡展潛能。 粵講粵叻 CantoGather 粵講粵叻希望透過教導非華裔嘅小朋友廣東話同中文,令佢地可以更易融入社區,提升佢地喺社會向上流嘅機會,並且推動香港人同少數族裔之間嘅文化交流,促進香港嘅種族共融。 呢類型關注青年發展嘅機構都不時需要技能義工支持運作,如果你都想出一分力,可以考慮以下嘅義工服務: 義工服務(一):興趣班導師 / 助理(Interest Class Facilitator) 非牟利組織通常缺乏資源同人手,所以需要義工嘅支持去舉辦各類型嘅活動去幫助佢地嘅受眾,例如課後興趣班。義工可以根據自己嘅興趣或長處(如音樂、藝術、手工藝、體育、棋類遊戲等)去訂立興趣班嘅主題,並與其他職員或義工商討課堂細節,然後喺活動當日教授學生同管理課堂。 呢類技能義工機會唔單止鼓勵學生嘗試新事物,發掘佢哋嘅潛能;義工亦可以將自己嘅專長同興趣分享俾學生,俾佢哋喺放學後放鬆一下,減低學習壓力。 【立即申請】 義工服務(二):友師(Mentor) 友師計劃係一種相對長期嘅義工服務,義工會以哥哥、姐姐嘅角色,喺計劃期內定期與參加者(如中小學生)保持聯絡同見面(約一個月1-2次左右就可),為佢哋送上關懷同了解佢哋嘅近況,並分享自己嘅經驗同心得,以生命影響生命,協助參青少年建立清晰同正面嘅人生觀。如果你鐘意同小朋友或年青人相處,可以加入成為友師義工,陪伴佢哋成長。 【立即申請】 義工服務(三):活動大使(Project Ambassador) 非牟利團體有時會透過體驗式學習(Experiential learning)活動去鼓勵學生正面嘅學習態度,有關活動需要義工去擔任活動大使嘅角色,喺活動期間照顧學生,並觀察同記錄佢哋參與活動嘅情況同各自嘅性格優勢,對培育小朋友成長同發掘潛能非常有幫助。機構會事先提供培訓,教授義工相關技巧。如果你對教育或社會工作(社工 / Social Worker) 職業有興趣,不妨報名參與! 【立即申請】 香港義工配對平台推介 想知更多義工服務選擇同詳情,不妨瀏覽Time Auction技能義工服務配對平台(Skilled-Volunteer Matching Program)!Time Auction喺2014年成立,致力推動義工文化,至今已為本地超過640+ […]
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