How Jayne Gave Back to the Community with Skilled-Volunteering | Swire Trust Go-Givers of 2021

Together with Time Auction, the Swire Trust Go-Givers Program encourages skilled volunteers for Swire Trust NGOs partners from 2020 to 2022. 10 outstanding volunteers will be selected annually as the “Swire Trust Go-Givers of the Year” with special rewards & recognition. Meet our 10 Go-Givers of 2021!

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Meet Jayne!

Jayne is a world-class photographer, whose career has been based out of HK, London, and Sydney. Having worked within the industry for over 30 years, she has traveled extensively covering global events, working for newspapers, magazines, and international brands, such as Mercedes-Benz, HSBC, and UBS. 

Prior to joining Time Auction, Jayne had already devoted her photography and videography skills, helping charities and NGOs in Hong Kong. These included Feeding Hong Kong, HELP for Domestic Workers, and more. Though, when she came across Time Auction (on our minibus advertisement), she was intrigued by the structure of the platform.

“I like the structure of Time Auction, as the volunteering opportunities are conducted in a more professional way.”

Giving Back Through Volunteering

Browsing the opportunities available, Jayne was immediately connected with The Orchestra Academy Hong Kong (TOA), as an Event Photographer

TOA is a programme co-directed by the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra (HK Phil) and the School of Music of The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts (HKAPA), which aims to enhance the professional training and career development of orchestral musicians.

Her daughter, currently playing in an orchestra in England, had been in the junior programme at the School of Music of HKAPA. Since this played such an important part in her daughter’s life, she thought “it would be a great opportunity to give back!”. 

Having worked as a press photographer, Jayne understands how impactful photos can be necessary for generating publicity and public awareness. She has helped with shooting and editing photos for TOA’s series of auditions, performances, and masterclasses- supporting TOA across 13 events already! 

Here are some of the fantastic pieces photographed by Jayne:

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Appreciate the Behind-The-Scenes Efforts!

Jayne encourages everyone to volunteer to better understand the work of local NGOs. “Until you volunteer, you don't really know how much effort is put into the things behind the scenes. Once you start volunteering, you realize how much effort and hard work it actually takes, and you get to appreciate how meaningful their work truly is.” 

You’ll walk away with so much more than what you offered, “I genuinely think that volunteering is rewarding; in some cases it can take you out of your comfort zone”. 

Champion Social Causes with your Day-to-Day Skills

As a final comment, Jayne reflected that the best way to volunteer, “is to do what you normally do”. You can share your professional skills with small, local, charities that have limited access to professional support and development. Your skills will have a hugely positive impact on these organizations!

Whether you are a student, or a working professional, skilled-volunteering allows you to utilise your skills to help NGOs achieve their social missions. Through the process, you will be able to hone your professional skills and, at the same time, champion social causes that matter to you!

"Jayne was very professional and dedicated, she was able to revert back to us within 1-3 days for the photos including the edits of the photos. Very responsible and efficient. She's also a volunteer who is very proactive and will apply to our projects whenever we post it. She has helped us on 13 different events already!"

Stephenie Ng, The Orchestra Academy Hong Kong

Thank you so much to Jayne for contributing 56 volunteer hours at The Orchestra Academy Hong Kong and more to come!

To see details of the Swire Trust Go-Givers Program and support their NGOs partners, head over to Time Auction website.

Interviewed & written by Leo Chick | Edited by Emma Lascelles

Updated on 10 November, 2021
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