Developing Websites and Volunteerism | Blue Li, Swire Trust Go-Givers of 2022

Together with Time Auction, the Swire Trust Go-Givers Program encourages skilled volunteers for Swire Trust NGO partners from 2020 to 2022. 10 outstanding volunteers will be selected annually as the “Swire Trust Go-Givers of the Year” with special rewards & recognition. Meet our 10 Go-Givers of 2022!

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Meet Blue

Imagine living with a health issue that stops you from leaving home. Most people might get pretty depressed. Yet, some people will not get discouraged and will still strive to better their lives no matter what. Blue Li is one of these optimistic warriors of life - let's hear his story.

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The bugs in life

Born with an artistic soul, Blue was working his dream job as a graphic designer in the publishing industry a few years ago. However, his health conditions soon bound him to the walls of his home and forced his rising career to an abrupt stop. 

Although the wheel of fortune did not turn in his favor, his flexibility and growth mindset guided him to utilize his time productively by learning new skills at home. It is hard not to applaud his extraordinary will power to self-learn the extremely complicated expertise of website development. Soon, he found his alternative path as a freelance website developer.

Testing new codes

With this new career plan, Blue wanted to train and polish his skills. Having stumbled upon Time Auction's LinkedIn advertisement by chance, he seized the perfect opportunity to build his portfolio by becoming a website maintenance volunteer for the Hong Kong Children in Need Foundation (HKCIN).

When Blue first signed up, he simply thought that it was a project to solve some problems on their existing website. It turned out, however, that they were looking for an additional member to assist their current website developer in building a new website from scratch! This new website, Solab, was planned to serve as an educational platform for users, primarily students, to showcase their STEM projects. It was intended to have many advanced functions, such as uploading photos, adding descriptions, posting on discussion forums, and signing in through a membership system. These website requirements made it particularly complex to build and, actually, a little too tricky for Blue!

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Blue's debugging highlight for Hong Kong Children in Need Foundation (HKCIN)

However, he didn't just quit. The level of difficulty “was beyond my expectations,” Blue admitted, “but, since I was already onboard, I couldn't pull out, so I had to go ahead regardless.” With a courageous spirit and steadfast determination to continue what was started, he tried his very best to help solve all of the problems.

Indeed, “Blue's expertise has helped,” HKCIN’s Amy Hui commented. “Our project has gone smoothly after Blue joined. The total volunteer hours exceeded our expectations, but Blue was still willing to help us with the entire project. Also, Blue gave us a lot of advice on our organization in addition to the project he applied for. He is without a doubt the best volunteer we've recruited through Time Auction so far.”

Launching the volunteer life

This is indeed the second consecutive year that Blue has been selected as Swire Trust Go-Givers (read his interview here from last year)! You may be wondering: why does Blue treasure volunteer opportunities so much? “For the past several years, I have spent most of my time working alone at home,” Blue reflected, “but through these projects, I am able to meet other people and broaden my horizons.” 

For example, when volunteering on a project to make a website intended to be used by the visually impaired, he learned about and catered to their needs, which he had never thought much about. Such sensitivity to people from different walks of life invites Blue into a fresh perspective vastly different from commercial jobs, which are mostly targeted at consumers and used for generating profit. On the other hand, volunteering for NGOs offers the opportunity to contribute to visions and missions that are much richer and more diverse.

Maintenance of volunteerism

Likewise, developing websites and a successful launch marks the first step towards achieving the goal, while continuous maintenance is critical for long-term life goals, such as volunteering. In Blue's case, he has done a remarkably wonderful job: he is the only awardee to have received the Swire Trust Go-Givers of the Year for two years in a row!

Evidently, he demonstrates an exceeding devotion to volunteerism. When asked what fuels his drive to active volunteering, Blue simply shrugged and joked, “I know saying that helping others makes me happy sounds quite a cliche, but actually it is quite true.”

Thank you so much to Blue for contributing 83 volunteer hours & beyond at the Hong Kong Children In Need Foundation!

To see details of the Swire Trust Go-Givers Program and support their NGO partners, head over to Time Auction website.

Written by Margaret Ng, Volunteer Copywriter

Updated on 28 October, 2022
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青少年係社會嘅未來棟樑,除咗學習之外,唔少非牟利機構(NGO)都透過各式各樣嘅計劃同活動,為青年人創造與社區連結嘅機會,而無論你係學生定係打工仔,都可以成為技能義工(Skilled-volunteers),利用自己嘅專長同興趣支持青年發展(Youth Development)。以下係本港一啲與青年發展相關嘅NGO,俾你了解一下佢哋嘅服務同理念: Books and Beyond Reading Club Books & Beyond Reading Club 推行趣味英語教育,為基層學生提供免費嘅創新嘅英語學習計劃,培養學生嘅英文閱讀同寫作興趣,並發展小朋友嘅社交情感技能,提升佢哋嘅自信心同自我認同感。 青年成就香港部 Junior Achievement Hong Kong 青年成就香港部為香港學生提供「其他學習經歷」(OLE)嘅課程,致力啟發年青人為未來就業同創業做好準備。 童協基金會 Kids4Kids 童協基金會透過塑造嶄新嘅學習方式,激勵年輕人合作,並與社區連結,致力培養小孩及年輕人成為創變者。 維樂天 Variety 維樂天與唔同嘅夥伴、社區同專家合作,為有需要的兒童及青年提供機會,給予支援,並協助建立活躍社群,以助他們盡展潛能。 粵講粵叻 CantoGather 粵講粵叻希望透過教導非華裔嘅小朋友廣東話同中文,令佢地可以更易融入社區,提升佢地喺社會向上流嘅機會,並且推動香港人同少數族裔之間嘅文化交流,促進香港嘅種族共融。 呢類型關注青年發展嘅機構都不時需要技能義工支持運作,如果你都想出一分力,可以考慮以下嘅義工服務: 義工服務(一):興趣班導師 / 助理(Interest Class Facilitator) 非牟利組織通常缺乏資源同人手,所以需要義工嘅支持去舉辦各類型嘅活動去幫助佢地嘅受眾,例如課後興趣班。義工可以根據自己嘅興趣或長處(如音樂、藝術、手工藝、體育、棋類遊戲等)去訂立興趣班嘅主題,並與其他職員或義工商討課堂細節,然後喺活動當日教授學生同管理課堂。 呢類技能義工機會唔單止鼓勵學生嘗試新事物,發掘佢哋嘅潛能;義工亦可以將自己嘅專長同興趣分享俾學生,俾佢哋喺放學後放鬆一下,減低學習壓力。 【立即申請】 義工服務(二):友師(Mentor) 友師計劃係一種相對長期嘅義工服務,義工會以哥哥、姐姐嘅角色,喺計劃期內定期與參加者(如中小學生)保持聯絡同見面(約一個月1-2次左右就可),為佢哋送上關懷同了解佢哋嘅近況,並分享自己嘅經驗同心得,以生命影響生命,協助參青少年建立清晰同正面嘅人生觀。如果你鐘意同小朋友或年青人相處,可以加入成為友師義工,陪伴佢哋成長。 【立即申請】 義工服務(三):活動大使(Project Ambassador) 非牟利團體有時會透過體驗式學習(Experiential learning)活動去鼓勵學生正面嘅學習態度,有關活動需要義工去擔任活動大使嘅角色,喺活動期間照顧學生,並觀察同記錄佢哋參與活動嘅情況同各自嘅性格優勢,對培育小朋友成長同發掘潛能非常有幫助。機構會事先提供培訓,教授義工相關技巧。如果你對教育或社會工作(社工 / Social Worker) 職業有興趣,不妨報名參與! 【立即申請】 香港義工配對平台推介 想知更多義工服務選擇同詳情,不妨瀏覽Time Auction技能義工服務配對平台(Skilled-Volunteer Matching Program)!Time Auction喺2014年成立,致力推動義工文化,至今已為本地超過640+ […]
【想參與扶貧工作?】Time Auction搵到符合你專長嘅義工服務
根據政府喺2021年底發布嘅《2020年香港貧窮情況報告》(Poverty Situation Report),香港貧窮人口高達165.3萬,貧窮率達23.6%,創歷年新高,反映本港嘅貧窮問題(poverty)仍然嚴重,需要社會重視。 除左傳統嘅賣旗同探訪之外,近期流行嘅技能義工(Skilled-volunteers)係另一種參與扶貧工作嘅義工機會,俾你發揮自己嘅專長同興趣服務社會。以下係本港一啲與關注貧窮嘅非牟利機構(NGO),令你對本地嘅NGO有更多認識之餘,仲可以了解多啲佢哋嘅服務同理念: 希望之箱 Box of Hope 希望之箱致力為來自貧困家庭嘅小朋友送上節日禮物,令孩子了解自己嘅處境,以及平等機會嘅重要性。 International Care Ministries International Care Ministries 提供包括食物、醫療、教育、就業培訓等服務,協助貧困人士走出貧困,改善生活質素。 香港樂施會 Oxfam Hong Kong 樂施會致力透過政策倡議、社區扶貧及人道救援服務,與國際社會各界人士攜手合作,實現消除貧困嘅終極目標,共建「無窮世界」。 心靈雞湯慈善基金會 ChickenSoup Foundation 心靈雞湯慈善基金會致力服務缺乏援助嘅弱勢社群,為受助家庭制定全面嘅解決方案,令佢哋同時能為社區帶來改變。 香港仁人家園 Habitat for Humanity Hong Kong 香港仁人家園為有需要家庭維修家居,締造安穩家園,並舉辦活動籌款,支援全球及本港嘅有需要家庭。 以上呢啲NGO都不時需要技能義工支持運作,如果你都想出一分力,可以考慮以下新穎有趣嘅義工服務! 義工服務(一):文字翻譯(Translator) 部分關注貧窮人士嘅非牟利團體喺外國成立,或者喺香港需要與唔同語言或文化背景嘅服務受眾同持分者溝通,因此翻譯員嘅角色非常重要,佢哋要將英文或其他語言嘅網頁(Website)、年報(Annual report)、社交媒體(Social media)內容同文件等等資訊翻譯成中文或其他語言,以便讓更多人閱讀同理解。 想做文字翻譯嘅你需要具備良好嘅中、英文語言能力,並且有相關翻譯經驗,將文字材料準確地翻譯,並符合原文意思同用詞。 【立即申請】 義工服務(二):活動司儀(Event MC) 非牟利組織會定期舉辦各種籌款同大型活動去宣傳理念,有時需要招募義工去擔任大會司儀,主持同協助活動順利進行。 活動司儀需要喺台上清晰地表達活動嘅流程、介紹各個嘉賓同表演隊伍,並喺後台同其他參加者溝通,所以喺事前需要熟讀講稿,亦要對機構和活動內容有一定程度嘅了解。如果你有興趣成為義工司儀,就click下面嘅連結了解有關詳情,或者直接報名! 【立即申請】 義工服務義工服務(三):接待員、項目協調員(Receptionist & Coordinator) 由於NGO嘅自身資源有限,因此需要透過義工招募去協助機構嘅日常運作,例如辦公室接待(Reception),同埋處理來電同電郵查詢等嘅文書工作。通常呢類型嘅義工工作相對簡單,但長期需要人手,因此機構會鼓勵學生義工參與,利用課後或空餘時間去彌補機構喺人力同資源方面嘅不足,不妨考慮下! 【立即申請】 其他義工機會:香港義工配對平台推介 想知更多義工服務選擇同詳情,不妨瀏覽Time Auction技能義工服務配對平台(Skilled-Volunteer Matching Program)!Time Auction喺2014年成立,致力推動義工文化,至今已為本地超過620+ […]
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【想為環保出一分力?】Time Auction搵到符合你專長嘅義工服務
隨住社會高速發展,香港嘅環保問題越來越備受關注,當中垃圾處理等嘅問題其實可以透過資源重新分配同減少浪費而得到解決,除咗政策以外,亦非常需要大力推廣同公眾參與,例如負責任消費 (Responsible consumption)、分類回收 (Recycling) 等低碳生活 (Low-carbon living)。  近期流行嘅技能義工 (Skilled volunteers) 就係一個為環保出一分力嘅好機會,無論你係學生定係打工仔,都可以利用自己嘅專長同興趣回饋社會。以下係本港一啲與環境 (Environment) 相關嘅非牟利機構 (NGO),俾你了解一下佢哋嘅服務同理念: Redress Redress 一直致力教育大眾同時裝業界,減少時裝界對環境造成嘅負面影響。機構透過舉辦各項活動,例如可持續發展時裝設計比賽同衣物回收,鼓勵大眾同各機構支持環保時尚。 無塑海洋 Plastic Free Seas 無塑海洋旨在通過針對學校、企業團體嘅教育同活動,改變當今社會大眾對塑膠嘅睇法同使用方式。 再皂福 Soap Cycling 再皂福係亞洲首間肥皂回收機構,收集本來將被棄置但狀況仍然良好嘅肥皂同浴室用品,經分類處理後再轉贈至有需要人士,以解決社會健康及衞生方面嘅需要,並提供就業機會同青年培訓。 香港綠色希望 Green Hope Hong Kong 香港綠色希望藉著回收同教育,包括山野清潔、回收街站、零廢外賣推廣等,以緩解決氣候暖化、能源危機等問題,並為環保出一分力。 綠色時刻 Green Hour 綠色時刻旨在推廣並讓基層市民共同參與綠色生活。透過舉辦清潔活動,以及食物減廢活動,以提高社會各界對環境保護嘅意識同重視。 以上幾間關注環境保護嘅機構都不時需要技能義工支持運作,如果你都想出一分力,可以考慮以下嘅義工服務: 義工服務(一):研究調查員 (Research Surveyor) 環保同我哋嘅日常生活息息相關,有關機構要定期關注事態發展而安排相應嘅研究同社區計劃,當中包括市民生活同消費習慣嘅調查。以可持續海鮮 (sustainable seafood) 為例,環保機構需要義工幫手紀錄同調查超級市場出售嘅海鮮來源種類比例,從而了解市民同企業對可持續海鮮嘅認識和關注,而調查結果將有助為機構嘅公眾教育計劃訂立方向。 【立即申請】 義工服務(二):回收調查員 (Recycling Surveyor) 廢物回收 (recycling) 喺香港已經推行多年,但成效仍然未如理想。為咗更有效地了解各地區嘅回收情況,有啲環保組織會招募義工協助調查公共回收點同埋垃圾箱嘅分佈同使用情況,以助改善香港嘅垃圾問題。 【立即申請】 義工服務(三):公共關係顧問 (PR Advisor) […]
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