Instagram Content Writer (Cantonese)

Help us promote our association and courses using digital marketing strategy, initially focusing on Instagram content in Cantonese.

Project Details

What we need

  • Research Work in Content Strategy
  • Research Related Content in IG Channels
  • Create IG Content (2 posts per week) in Cantonese to draw public awareness about Growth Mindsets in HK


We are launching IG channel and expect volunteers to produce content in Cantonese with inputs from GMEA.

What we have

Growth Mindset Training Materials

Why this is important

To gain strong presence in social media channels, and increase awareness and engagement.

Project Period

21 Feb 2021 - 01 Apr 2021




10 hours in total

Time Commitment


  • Social Media Marketing


  • Chinese (Traditional)
  • English

About the Organization

Growth Mindset Education Association

Growth Mindset Education Association



What we do

成長思維教育協會有限公司(簡稱“協會”)正式成立於2019年,由一群在正向心理學及成長思維領域已經默默耕耘了幾年的專業人士發起。公司緣起於過去幾年的幾十宗中小學生自殺個案所帶來的衝擊。學童輕則犧牲快樂的童年時光,重則付出生命的代價。 作為社會一份子,我們希望盡自己的綿薄之力,利用協會成員長年服務各公私營機構所累積的經驗,結合正向思維的核心理論 -“成長思維”,提高香港兒童和年輕人的抗逆力,幫助他們在人生最初的學業和就業階段設立目標,逐步達致幸福人生的宗旨。

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