Copywriter (Traditional Chinese & English)

Draft and edit our Chinese & English promotional materials

Copywriter (Traditional Chinese & English)
Community Development

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Project Details

What we need
  • Join us for a 1 hour online call to learn more about the program and our expectations
  • Proofread and edit clear, original, and persuasive promotional materials, including proposals, invitation letters, press release, etc.
  • Help with the creation and improvement of our newsletters
  • We will share existing writing templates with you and provide necessary support

人工智能研究所為香港政府認可的慈善機構, 主要宗旨為推動粵港澳大灣區高新及前沿科技編程人才的教育和培訓,包括人工智能、機器學習、雲端計算、區塊鏈及互聯網安全等。我們希望可以通過配合本地各學術界、科研界、商界等共同協同,為科研成果商業化,提供一個互動和合作的平臺。我們的教學團隊有豐富的創科創業、培訓及比賽訓練及評審等經驗。多位導師獲得英偉達深度學習學院 (nVIDIA DLI Deep Learning Institute) 頒發的認可講師資格的導師。本機構將於2024年7日舉辦「萬人共同在線上及線下同步學習編程,」創造世界記錄的年度盛事。

What we have

We will have visual and content support from our team. We will provide our previous proposals and letters for your reference.

Why this is important

Your work with us is essential for us to connect with school partners and to make our work known to other who can join us.

Project Period

13 Nov 2023 - 23 Jul 2024



Team Project

You’ll be working with other awesome volunteers.



4 hours per month

  • Copywriting
  • Content Creation
  • Proposal Writing
  • Email Marketing Copywriting
Experience Level
  • Open to all
  • Students
  • Some experience
  • Extensive experience
  • Chinese (Cantonese)
  • English

About the Organization

AI Lab


Community Development
What we do

Unleash the power of mankind by frontier knowledge, technology and innovation and forge a better community by synergizing academia, industry and talents.

Copywriter (Traditional Chi...

4 hours per month, 8 months

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