Salesforce Advisor

Provide training on the use of Salesforce for our team (in Cantonese)

Project Details

What we need

  • We are looking for someone with significant experiences in database management
  • Train our staff on how to use the database to make their work more efficient, effective, clean and routine
  • We will look at all the data sources, collate the data and send it to you to help with organising and segmenting them into different areas (fundriaising, families etc)


We were offered Salesforce several years ago, but we never really fully integrated it into the charity and made the most of it. We really need to get our families, donors, clients, accounts, events, prospects, donors for the last few years on the database properly.

What we have

We can equip the volunteer with access to both databases, and a computer on loan as well as a seat at our office if they prefer working in an office to home.

Why this is important

We need an efficient way to record and manage our data. We have access to Salesforce but few members know how to use it. We need to make sure that all members of the staff (the case managers use it for recording cases they work on for families, and the fundraiser uses it to record donations, submissions, events etc, proposals, pipelines) and the PR person uses for contact loading and e newsletters. It will help us to be more organised, spend less time on admin and create great stats.

Project Period

16 Jul 2021 - 15 Aug 2021


Causeway Bay or Remotely

Honorarium available upon completion


7hours perweek

Time Commitment


  • Salesforce
  • Data Management


  • Chinese (Cantonese)

About the Organization

ChickenSoup Foundation Limited

ChickenSoup Foundation Limited


EducationElderlyMental Health

What we do

We relieve families in crisis from multiple social, medical and financial hardships, empowering them to thrive on their own. We do this over a period of 18-24 months, using a unique collaborative approach. The team identifies and finds a solution for each family members critical need. These could be education, mental or physical health, unemployment or living conditions. The result being the family rises up together from in crisis to stable and finally hopeful and empowered.

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