Social Media Copywriter (English)

Write and publish 2 posts per week for social media (FB, IG and LinkedIn)

Project Details

What we need

  • Write, edit and publish engaging posts for various social networks, including Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram to create visibility of our community service and to advocate social-emotional learning on social networks
  • Update our social media pages with compelling posts
  • Track social media insights (traffic, engagement, shares, etc.)


We have two new programs to be launched in 2021 which will need at least an addition of 300 volunteers' involvement. Our visibility in social media can help update our existing volunteers on our work and recruit new ones.

What we have

A comprehensive and quality English Reading Enrichment Program providing more than 1,000 free classes in a year for children from the age of 9-13.

Why this is important

Because of the fast expansion of our initiatives, a strong and effective social media presence can encourage volunteers' participation.

Project Period

15 Feb 2021 - 01 Sep 2021




8hours permonth

Time Commitment


  • Copywriting


  • English

About the Organization

Books and Beyond Reading Club

Books and Beyond Reading Club



What we do

Books & Beyond Reading Club is a Hong Kong-based organization providing free innovative English learning programs for students of lesser means. By focusing on social-emotional learning, we nurture reading, writing & listening skills as well as self-identity and self-confidence, providing our students with the tools to succeed in and out of the classroom.

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