Zumba / Workout / Dance / Yoga Teacher

Help us to teach a free physical activity class for Migrant Domestic Workers

Project Details

What we need

  • We're looking for a volunteer to teach a physical wellbeing activity class for Migrant Domestic Workers
  • Volunteer would have to work closely with the team to organise the class
  • Commit to approximately 1 hour each Sunday to conduct the session, we recommend each volunteer to host a minimum of 2 sessions


HELP creates a free MeHeal (Mind and Body Healing) service to help Migrant Domestic Workers to have better mental health since we found out that 72% of them show symptoms of depression. One of the branch activities of MeHeal is a yoga class. Last year, we did a survey of the participants and 100% of participants said they felt the benefits of the class and would like to join another one.HELP is looking for experienced instructors to volunteer with us and work closely with Migrant Domestic Workers to conduct physical well-being activities, such as Zumba / workout / dance / yoga.

What we have

We will provide (1) The venue (2) Briefing on the needs and assistance required by Migrant Domestic Workers (3) Volunteer allowance for transport

Why this is important

Through physical activities, we are empowering Migrant Domestic Workers to be able to take better care of their own health. With a healthier body, we hope that they would also be able to have a healthier mind, have a lower rate of depression symptoms, and be able to make sound decisions when faced with work-related issues.

Project Period

24 Jul 2022 - 04 Dec 2022


Online / Kowloon or HK Island

Team Project

You’ll be working with other awesome volunteers.


1 hour per week

Time Commitment


  • Sports Coaching
  • Yoga
  • Sports
  • Teaching Yoga
  • Interpersonal Skills

Experience Level

  • Some experience
  • Extensive experience


  • English

About the Organization

HELP for Domestic Workers

HELP for Domestic Workers



Human Rights

What we do

HELP for Domestic Workers is an NGO working on the frontlines to support migrant domestic workers to gain access to justice and fair and equal treatment in Hong Kong. Since 1989, we have supported migrant domestic workers through advice, assistance, education and empowerment. We equip the employers of domestic workers with knowledge and awareness so that they can build a mutually beneficial relationship with their domestic workers.

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