Sustainable Seafood Research Assistant

Help us build a database of sustainable seafood in Hong Kong by communicating with the F&B industry (commitment time flexible)

Sustainable Seafood Research Assistant

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Project Details

What we need
  • Contacting restaurants to ask about their sustainable seafood provision
  • Making enquiries about the origins of seafood found in Hong Kong's restaurants

We all love to eat seafood in Hong Kong - but have you ever considered where your seafood comes from? More than 90% of the world's oceans are already considered over- or fully- exploited. As a city with one of the highest per capita seafood consumption in the world, our choice as consumers can make a real impact on the survival of marine species."Sustainable seafood" provides an alternative for seafood-lovers to continue enjoying what they love, without further endangering marine animals that are already threatened with extinction. In this project, we will build a database of all the restaurants where you can find and enjoy sustainable seafood in Hong Kong. Help us build this database to give conscious consumers the option to eat sustainably!

What we have

Guidance on project methodology.

Why this is important

By helping us to generate this sustainable seafood database for Hong Kong, you help us move significantly closer to the goal of enabling sustainable eating habits in Hong Kong!

Project Period

31 Jan 2021 - 22 Oct 2021


Central or Remote



10 hours per week

  • Engagement
  • Community Outreach
  • Chinese (Cantonese)
  • English

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About the Organization

BLOOM Association Hong Kong


What we do

A marine conservation NGO in Hong Kong, focused on conducting research to inform conservation actions.

Sustainable Seafood Researc...

10 hours per week, 9 months

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