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「糕點時光」是一間致力保存傳統糕點文化的社會企業。我們聘請金齡(50歲或以上)婦女不斷研發和製造新款式、新口味的中式糕點,提供糕點銷售及寄賣、技能培訓、體驗工作坊及資訊分享等服務,從而保留傳統文化,促進婦女充權及長者就業。 Time To Gold is a social enterprise hiring retirees and housewives. We encouraging them to create new recipes and combine the traditional desserts with exciting and trendy elements such as lava fillings and different shapes. Together, we are hoping to preserve local food and culture and empower women to be more confident. Now it is “Time To Go”!

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