Heart to Heart Life Education Foundation

Hong Kong



Mental Health

What we do

With the mission of “Draw Your Rainbow, Create a Meaningful Life”, Heart-to-Heart Life Education Foundation (HtH) endeavours to promote “Good Life Good Death” culture in the local community through various innovative life and death educational activities for designated users and organizations, hospitals and schools, etc., and to foster more open discussions on topics related death, as well as the meaning of life. Our major services include (1) emotional support and counselling services serving the end-of-life patients and their family members in hospitals and elderly homes, (2) community-based life and death education campaigns, (3) training and capacity building for helping professions and volunteer services, (4) researches on social phenomenon and existing related policy/systems. Our Activities : Mindful Walk, Yulan Run, Life and Death Education Talk and Seminar, Art Festival and Carnival, Picture Books Sharing, Microfilm Campaign, Life Death Movie Sharing, Performing Art and Playback Theatre and etc..to engage public and school for Life Death sharing.

Past Projects

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