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Vivien Y. is volunteering as Simultaneous Interpretation (15 Jun) for Rainbow of Hong Kong

Rainbow of Hong Kong

Rainbow of Hong Kong

Hong Kong Rainbow was established on December 1, 1998, the World AIDS Day. We are a non-profit charitable organization and has been granted tax-exempt status under Section 88 of the Hong Kong Inland Revenue Ordinance. Our organization is dedicated to promoting inclusivity, providing support, and advocating for the rights and well-being of the LGBT+ community. Over the years, we have tirelessly worked towards creating a safe and supportive space where members of the community can come together, celebrate diversity, and find the resources they need. At Rainbow of Hong Kong, we believe in the power of unity and acceptance. Join us on our journey towards a more inclusive and compassionate society. Together, we can make a positive impact and create a rainbow of diversity and understanding in Hong Kong.

Matched on

12 Jun 2024


volunteer hours completed

Vivien Y.

What Rainbow of Hong Kong needed help with:

Cantonese-English interpreters needed for Pride Month event (Simultaneous Interpretation (15 Jun) project)

Simultaneous Interpretation (15 Jun)

Skills used

  • Communication
  • Translation
  • Interpretation

Causes supported

Human Rights
Gender Equality
Community Development

Thank you both for all the work you do in the world!

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