Personal Development Mentor (Primary/Secondary School)

Be a mentor to support children (age 10-15) on personal development for a year

Personal Development Mentor (Primary/Secondary School)

於 10 個月 前刊登,將於 22 天 後截止報名。

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  • You will be paired up with one student and attend one mentoring session per month
  • You'll be required to attend 4 training sessions in a year - The schedule will be provided later
  • 2 years working experience and entrepreneurial mindset preferred
  • Provide mentorship support to broaden mentees' (age from 10-15) horizons, offer career inspirations, and assist in building up self-esteem and resilience, providing guidance and companionship as a part of the personal development experience
  • Willingness to listen, support, provide guidance and co-work with the parents and their supervisors and share their experience in interacting with the children and youth.

(1) Personal Development - The project seeks to enable our children to identify their own long-term vision and motivate them to take steps for pursuing targets that are achievable in the short run. The process of drawing up the plan and putting their goals into actions gives them a chance to consider who they want to be, and what they want to achieve – a unique and important personal development experience. (2) Mentorship - In the beginning of the project, each primary school student will be matched with a volunteer mentor to obtain support throughout the three-year programme. The matching of mentors to participating children is made according to gender, personalities, interests, occupation/industry, family background, religion, etc. The mentor will be required to communicate with matched student at least 1 hour per month in any forms such as zoom, text, phone or face-to-face.


Training and resources on topics such as financial planning, communication skills, life planning etc.


The Child Development Fund School-based Projects is one of our regular services which facilitates grassroots children to grow by developing a positive learning and working attitude for and youths in the long run, as well as significantly improving their social skills, problem-solving abilities, resource management and future planning. The project ultimately aim to promote upward mobility of grassroots households.


30 Apr 2022 - 12 Apr 2023


Tuen Mun or Eastern District





一共 4 小時

  • 人生導師
  • 青年指導
  • 溝通
  • Some experience
  • Extensive experience
  • Chinese (Cantonese)
  • English

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Mission Founded in 2015, DADs Network is a non-profit making organization based in Hong Kong. With an aim to promote the critical importance of the father’s role in the family, we are dedicated to fostering an active fathering culture by offering dads multifaceted support which includes organizing talks, training and parent-child campaigns, and providing a rich source of information.

Personal Development Mentor...

4 hours in total, 12 個月

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