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With just one hour of your time, you can make a meaningful impact on a non-profit organisation. Donate a session to share your expertise in areas like marketing, PR, fundraising and more to help organisations create a bigger change.
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Showcase your skills and expertise by completing your profile.
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Donate a session to share your expertise. Interact with NGOs who applied to learn more.
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Review and accept nonprofit’s application.
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Donating a call is a great way to give back with your expertise and make an immediate impact on nonprofits. It's perfect for those who are new to volunteering, confident in their skills or expertise, or have limited time to spare. This provides support to nonprofits with a specific question or need, within a timeframe that works best for you!

There’s tons of benefits! For starters, having pro bono consulting on your resume is a major flex, it’s a fantastic way to build your portfolio and gain testimonials. Skilled volunteering can also boost your confidence and happiness while giving you a better understanding of a cause or how a nonprofit operates. And the cherry on top? You can redeem unique and inspiring experiences on our platform with your volunteer hours.

Nonprofits look for the same kind of talent and skills as any other business. They need support with marketing, business strategy, digital transformation, finance, PR & communications, and more. Whatever your expertise is, there's probably a nonprofit out there that could benefit from it!

Of course! We welcome any amount of time you would like to donate to help nonprofits gain valuable insights and knowledge in your areas of expertise, as long as the session is effective and productive. We are certain that you will enjoy connecting with nonprofits while making a positive impact! Whether you can donate an hour or multiple hours, we appreciate your generosity with your time.

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Donate 2 hours of your time to make a lasting difference and empower NGOs to achieve their goals.

Donate Your Time

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