There Is No Failure — Dinner with June Leung, Founder and Chairperson of Beacon Group

Dinner with June has raised 92 volunteer hours!

Sometimes the most meaningful and inspiring conversations happen over casual meals. The Time Auction Blog is a snippet of our meetings with people who have found passion in their lives and career.

“There’s no failure, only delayed success.”

Change our mindset and our life changes. Thoughts have an incredible influence on our everyday life, ranging from our moods to our behaviors. June Leung owed all her success as a tutorial queen and an entrepreneur to one factor, which is the persistence that has propelled her to continue to operate the Beacon Group in spite of it making a loss in the first 10 years. The exhilaration of success itself could be the most long-lasting fuel to guide you to persevere with all the hardships, ordeal and skeptics.

Meet June Leung!

June Leun g, the founder and chairperson of Beacon Group, has led its group to become one of the largest private education institutions in Hong Kong that attracted the attention of the Harvard Business School to explore and consolidate its factors of success into the article ‘Beacon Group of Hong Kong: Finding Light in the Shadow Education Industry’.

She is well-known for her passion for upholding professionalism in the private tutorial sector and ensuring equal access to tutorial support to students regardless of their academic results and family background. Despite the well-recognized success of Beacon Group, she assiduously strives for the recognition of the private education sector in Hong Kong.

June withdrew herself from her teaching capacity and focused on management in 2012 when the whole education sector was gearing up for the educational reform in the same year. She devotes herself to administrative work so as to prepare Beacon better for a more promising future.

Be Urgent & Patient

“Be urgent about making the effort & patient about seeing the result.”

June suggested two books for us: “The Law of Attraction” and “The Secret”. She feels like millennials are heavily influenced by the fad of gaming, insisting on the tagline “I want it! I want it now!” and being rather impatient for actions to take its effect.

The secret is simply the “law of attraction”, revealing that whatever consumes your thoughts is what you will eventually get in life. Think optimistically would render a positive outcome, and vice versa. June introduces her own habit of picturing the successful moments of your current actions as if you are planning for a vacation. Put it simply, while you are working towards success, imagine your moments of success. That would make your journey twice as enjoyable and that would take you to the route of success.

The Superpower of Speeding up Unhappy Moments

Time flies when we’re happy. When being asked for what is the one superpower she would love have, June answered without any hesitation the ability to speed up painful times and prolong the happy moments.

“Happiness or bitterness, depends on the subjective thinking, not on the objective issue.”

The reason why we feel like time seems to crawl and fly at different moments is once again about our mentality. The hard truth is that we can’t make time, we can only take time, regardless of how enjoyable or unbearable it is. The more you can live in each moment, the happier you will be. That means remaining mindful and present.

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A Challenge for the Day — Smiles x 10

When asked about the action to take away from meeting her, June highlighted the importance of smiling on a daily basis. Scientists have shown that smiles are far easier to recognize than other expressions. Smile is the most primitive way of communication before we could communicate verbally.

“Smile 10 times at different people around you wholeheartedly, whether they are your favorite or not.”

The fun thing about the smile challenge is that it makes it very, very obvious just how contagious positive energy is. The more we see our smiles turning into other people’s smiles, the better we all feel. June invited all of us to take on the challenge and be the one who started spreading positivism around.

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Thank you so much to June for raising 92 volunteer hours and all the volunteers who dedicated their hours for charities such as Lifelong Animal Protection Charity, Food Angel and more! We would also like to thank our photographer Leo from Kachick and our Impact Supporter K11 Atelier!

To see our upcoming experiences, head over to the Time Auction website!

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Updated on 8 April, 2021
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