How Natia Helped NGOs with Video Editing & Photography Projects | Time Auction Impact Highlights

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Meet Natia!

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Taken by Natia for PMQ

Majoring in Film and Photography, Natia is an undergraduate student pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. She has been actively involved in multifaceted videography and photography volunteering projects. Being passionate about her studies, she hopes to devote her skills and provide help to more NGOs!

First Encounter with Time Auction

"Time Auction is a very convenient platform where volunteers can easily match their skills with volunteering work!"

Prior to learning about Time Auction, Natia had participated in various volunteering projects offered by her secondary school such as house-building for the locals in Cambodia and preparing meals for the elderly in cooperation with Food Angel. These were all fruitful experiences that built up her passion for volunteerism!

Natia first learned about Time Auction through a friend’s recommendation. As compared to her previous volunteering experiences, Time Auction offers a more concise database where volunteers can choose from a wide range of volunteering work.

Natia's Volunteer Journey — Unleash Artistic Talent in Volunteerism Featured PMQ

To better utilise while advancing her filming techniques, Natia's volunteering work is mainly related to filming, photographing and video editing. After signing up to our platform, Natia was successfully matched with PMQ, HER Fund and The Harmonics Choir Hong Kong!

As the Event Photographer, Natia was responsible for taking photos for an exhibition event organised by PMQ. Natia had the opportunity to visit the exhibition prior to the event and understand the theme thoroughly thanks to the docent arranged by PMQ. As a Fine Arts School student, it was very fulfilling for Natia to combine volunteering with her passion as she could enjoy the exhibition while taking nice photos of the artworks!

Here are some fantastic works photographed by Natia!

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Utilise Your Skills & Just Do It!

"Volunteering with your skills would not cause you a lot of effort and time. So, why not?"

Through Time Auction, Natia can successfully find volunteering opportunities that are related to her strengths and passions. Not only has she been able to contribute her photography and film skills to various NGOs, but she has also earned some unexpected rewards. For example, she had several meetings with the group and deeply immersed herself into the uplifting vibe of the community, as a videographer. The whole volunteering experience was rewarding and inspiring. The cherry on top was making friends with the community members the way which further enriched her journey of volunteerism!

Thank you so much to Natia for contributing 61 volunteering hours and more to come!

To be featured as our community member, embark on your volunteering journey by discovering projects you can help with now:

Interviewed & Written by Osane Ku

Updated on 7 July, 2021
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