Translator (Chinese to English)

Translate five Chinese articles in the Hong Kong Outstanding Students Award 35th Anniversary Booklet

Project Details

What we need

  • Review the translation to make sure two languages are aligned
  • Get familiar with the background & the common terms of Youth Arch Foundation and The Award
  • Understand the Chinese articles featured in our booklet
  • Translate the Chinese articles (around 1,000 words each) into English


This year is the 35th Anniversary of Hong Kong Outstanding Students Award and 10th Anniversary of Youth Arch Foundation. To celebrate, the luncheon of anniversaries will be held and an anniversary booklet will be published. The content of the booklet is fruitful with unforgettable memories and stories from the YAF and OSArs community, which include some non-Cantonese speakers. Therefore, we need your help to translate the articles into English by keeping every message that we try to deliver in the booklet.

What we have

The background information and a glossary for the terms of the Youth Arch Foundation and the Hong Kong Outstanding Students Award would be provided. Volunteers may feel free to ask for help if they encounter any difficulties during the project.

Why this is important

Youth Arch Foundation have a mission to recognise and develop youth talents and the Hong Kong Outstanding Students Award aims to encourage promising students with outstanding academic, extra-curricular and community service achievements, and morality. Through the bilingual anniversary booklet, the past experience of our awardees can be shared with students from either Chinese or non-Chinese background. Therefore, this project is meaningful and indispensable to make the anniversary celebration perfect and achieve the goals.

Project Period

22 Nov 2020 - 16 Dec 2020




15 hours in total

Time Commitment


  • Translation


  • Chinese (Cantonese)
  • English

About the Organization

Youth Arch Foundation

Youth Arch Foundation


YouthEducationCommunity Development

What we do

The Youth Arch Foundation (YAF) is a charitable organization on youth development run by a group of past winners and finalists of the Hong Kong Outstanding Students Award. YAF strives to foster youth talents and to encourage youth to contribute to society through active participation in community services. In order to recognize and develop youth talents, YAF presents two awards annually that aim at commending promising secondary school students, namely the Hong Kong Outstanding Students Award (founded in 1985) and the Youth Arch Student Improvement Award (formerly known as the Best Improved Students Award) (founded in 1991). A wide range of activities are organized for awardees to actively participate in community services and to explore leadership potential. In addition, YAF established the Youth Committee that provide platforms for youth to interact and learn from each other; and to support youth in terms of their personal, educational, career and life developments. YAF also provides assistance to the Hong Kong Outstanding Students’ Association, which is a student-run organization comprised of the past awardees of the Hong Kong Outstanding Students Award.

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