Skype Manual Creator

Draft Basic Manual of Skype for F4 - F6 students to prepare them for virtual internship

Project Details

What we need

  • Show the readers how to use Skype; Step by step guideline
  • e.g. How to create an account/log in to Skype
  • e.g. How create a meeting / join in meeting
  • e.g. Introduction of useful buttons
  • e.g. How to turn on the camera/speaker during the meeting


We are hosting the virtual internship for the secondary students. We would like to prepare materials for basic skills to support the students during the internship process.

What we have

This can help us to provide all-rounded support to the student interns.

Project Period

05 Feb 2022 - 20 Feb 2022




5 hours in total

Time Commitment


  • Adminstrative Support
  • Office Adminstration
  • Youth Mentorship
  • Design
  • Content Creation


  • Chinese (Traditional)
  • English

About the Organization

Young Founders School

Young Founders School



What we do

Young Founders School is an EdTech charity on a mission to make entrepreneurship education accessible to all secondary school students. We provide courses and internship opportunities to nurture leadership, digital and future-ready skills in students.

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