Presentation Designer at Urban Land Institute - Hong Kong

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Donating and logging past volunteer hours earns you Karma Points, which you can then use to bid on auctions. $1 donated earns 1 Karma Point and 1 hour volunteered earns 10 Karma Points.

2. Bid

Bid your Karma Points to meet inspiring people, such as humanitarians, entrepreneurs, athletes, or artists. Most auctions allow every bidder to win if the goal is reached.

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Time Auction is all about priceless experiences and rewards for the priceless philanthropy you do. Depending on the auction, meetings are done virtually or in person... or both!

Video explanations

Presentation Designer

Prepare, design and fine tune presentation slides

Project Details

What we have

A meeting with speaker will be arranged to work together on the project. Clear instructions will be provided.

Why this is important

The presentation will be the first session of our new webinar series about HK and history.

Project Period

14 Sep 2020 - 29 Sep 2020




10hours in total

Time Commitment

Icon skillsSkills

  • Design
  • Infographic Design


  • Chinese (Cantonese)
  • English

About the Organization

Uli hongkong logo square

Urban Land Institute - Hong Kong


Community DevelopmentEducation

What we do

Founded in 1936, the Urban Land Institute is an international, membership-based nonprofit research and education organization. Our mission is to provide leadership in the responsible use of land and in creating and sustaining thriving communities worldwide.

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