Videographer (Promo Video)

Produce clips for a short video to promote our organisation on our social media / website pages

Project Details

What we need

  • Create a storyboard alongside video editor for the promotion video
  • Join an info meeting with our core team to understand our organisation
  • Produce clips to form a short video (estimated time 3 min)


We are seeking to create and better tell our story of love, family and freedom through a video that we can post to our social media and show potential donors. We will also be looking for a video editor so you can work with him/her to brainstorm storyboard ideas and the flow of the video.

What we have

We will provide a tour of our drop-in centre and provide you with the right volunteers for interviews and personal stories. We can also partner alongside whoever is filming in areas we go to for outreach or other areas outside of our drop-in centre.

Why this is important

We realise people like to receive information through social media and video content that can captivate and spark interest in our organisation. We hope that this video will help engage our audience for many years to come!

Project Period

05 Apr 2021 - 03 May 2021


Wan Chai


30 hours in total

Time Commitment


  • Video Production
  • Videography


  • Chinese (Cantonese)
  • English

About the Organization

Sons & Daughters

Sons & Daughters


Human RightsFaith-BasedGender Equality

What we do

We help those caught in sexual exploitation to reclaim a life of love, family and freedom

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