Blog Article Translator (Eng to Chi)

Translate two blog articles every month from English to Chinese

Project Details

What we need

  • Join a 30-min onboarding call
  • Translate articles from English into blog and publication-appropriate Chinese (around 1000-2000 words each piece)
  • Join a 15 to 30-min feedback session (only if in-depth clarification is required)


As a think-and-do tank for social innovation, we are growing our repository of articles and thought leadership pieces to further promote our work and share with a wider audience our ideas on the social challenges of Hong Kong as well as the roadmap to resolving them. Written by Good Lab team members, these articles will be uploaded to our website and social media; they may also be sent to print and digital media for publication. The format of these articles range from conversational interviews to opinion pieces containing simple statistics. Two articles will be uploaded every month.

What we have

A 30-minute onboarding call will be arranged to walk the volunteer(s) through the background and context of articles. Volunteers can also get in touch with our colleague in-charge anytime via email or WhatsApp.

Why this is important

On one hand, we hope these articles will help the general public better understand social innovations happening across sectors in Hong Kong and the value of finding new solutions through cross-sector collaboration. On the other, the promotion of our thought leadership is also expected to establish Good Lab's unique position in the social innovation community in Hong Kong.

Project Period

09 Aug 2021 - 31 Dec 2021


Remote / Eaton House (Jordan)


8 hours per month

Time Commitment


  • Copywriting
  • Translation
  • Writing
  • SEO Copywriting


  • Chinese (Cantonese)
  • Chinese (Traditional)
  • English

About the Organization

Good Lab Foundation Limited

Good Lab Foundation Limited


Community Development

What we do

Good Lab is a leading non-profit social innovation consultancy in Hong Kong dedicated to inspiring and fostering positive social change through human-centred design and cross-sector collaboration. As a think-and-do tank, our mission is to connect different minds and actions to bring innovative ideas to life. We design and implement social innovation projects and training programmes to raise awareness of and tackle some of the most complex social issues faced by our society nowadays, particularly in the areas of community design, youth empowerment, civic participation, service innovation, environmental sustainability, and social venture incubation. Since 2012, we have been working at the intersection of civil society, NGOs, Government, and businesses to facilitate innovative co-creation leveraging Design Thinking. Putting people first and facilitating dialogues are the DNA of our work, as we believe this is the answer to co-creating a more sustainable and better tomorrow.

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