Audience Interview Transcriptionist

Listen to recorded interviews (3-5 mins each) and transcribe them into written Chinese for record-keeping

Audience Interview Transcriptionist
Arts & Culture

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Project Details

What we need
  • Review and cross-check transcriptions generated by an AI to ensure their accuracy
  • Ensure that all transcriptions are correctly converted into written Chinese
  • Make necessary corrections to ensure that the transcriptions are readable and grammatically correct
  • Identify and highlight meaningful quotes or important points within the transcriptions
  • Preserve the confidentiality of the interview content, adhering to company's data privacy protocols
  • We have a total of 80 clips, 3-5 mins each; we aim to look for 4 volunteers to share the workload

Founded in 1982, Zuni is a Hong Kong-based international experimental theatre company that both serves as a leading professional performing arts group and engages in creative education to enrich social services through arts and culture. Registered as a cultural charity and an agency member of the Hong Kong Council of Social Service (HKCSS), Zuni is committed to making the arts accessible to all.Our "Zuni Welfare Ticket Scheme" offers discounted tickets, providing people from all walks of life - students, families, individuals with disabilities - the opportunity to experience theatre. Each performance session welcomes around 200 to 300 audience members.

What we have

We will provide you with the necessary resources for your role. You will receive remote assistance from our dedicated team for any queries or difficulties you may encounter. We will also supply you with clear transcription guidelines and standards to ensure the quality and consistency of your work.

Why this is important

As part of our ongoing efforts to engage with our diverse audience and maximize their experience, we are launching a new project. We are seeking Audience Interview Transcriptionists to transcribe interviews conducted with our audience members. These transcriptions will help us better understand our audience's experiences, feedback, and suggestions, thereby allowing us to continuously improve our performances and services.

Project Period

04 Dec 2023 - 15 Dec 2023





8 hours in total

  • Transcription
Experience Level
  • Open to all
  • Students
  • Some experience
  • Extensive experience
  • Chinese (Cantonese)
  • Chinese Traditional

About the Organization

Zuni Icosahedron


Arts & Culture
What we do

Founded in 1982, Zuni Icosahedron is a Hong Kong based international experimental theatre company and a non-profit charitable cultural organization. Zuni is one of the nine major professional performing arts companies in Hong Kong, and has made venue partner with the Hong Kong Cultural Centre since 2009. As a premier experimental theatre company, Zuni has produced more than 200 original productions of alternative theatre and multimedia performances, and been invited to more than 80 cities around the globe for cultural exchange and performances. Zuni hopes to allow more people to enrich social services with art and culture and allow more people to experience the charm of theatre through the Zuni Art Partners Programme. The programme includes various parts, such as the welfare tickets, creative courses, youth career-oriented activities, and internship opportunities, so that all sectors of society can experience unlimited possibilities brought by art.

Audience Interview Transcri...

8 hours in total, 12 days

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