Blog Article Translator (Eng to Chi)

Translate two English blog articles (<1000 words) into Traditional Chinese per month

Project Details

What we need

  • Translate two English blog articles of less than 1000 words (written by Health Coaches) into Chinese every month


We are creating a library of eczema-related blog articles on our website. These articles, written by our own Health Coaches, will be reviewed by our Clinician team and may talk about the different aspects of eczema control, including diet, stress, skincare, medicine, or sharing of personal stories.Our blog posts will be written in English which is the primary scientific language. To accommodate our Hong Kong clients, we would need Traditional Chinese translation for the blog posts.An abstract of these blog posts will also be posted on our social media accounts at least once a month for marketing purposes.

What we have

We will provide volunteers with our branding guidelines and citations of original scientific articles for reference.

Why this is important

Community-wise, this content library will be a free and useful resource for eczema patients around Hong Kong. Organisation-wise, the blog posts will help us establish our image as the leading eczema authority in Hong Kong and support our long-term goal to expand our service and reach more eczema patients!

Project Period

02 Jul 2021 - 31 Dec 2021




10 hours per month

Time Commitment


  • Copywriting
  • Translation
  • Writing


  • Chinese (Traditional)
  • English

About the Organization





What we do

WeDerm is an award-winning social enterprise established in 2020, dedicated to serving moderate to severe eczema patients in Hong Kong. Our integrated care approach is designed to address the medical gap for eczema treatments, based on the latest healthcare literature, professional advisors, first-hand patient experience and successful case studies.

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