Website Consultant

Suggest and advise steps to create and design a user-friendly website

Project Details

What we need

  • Join us for a 1 hour call to learn more about our organization and our needs for a new website
  • Provide professional advice on the structure, layout and UI
  • Offer suggestions on tools or website creation platforms (i.e. WordPress, SquareSpace)
  • Meet with our volunteer web developer and discuss implementing the recommendations


We are expanding our trail running training programme for youths with special backgrounds. We are looking for a consultant to provide advice on the type of website to help us promote our programme and extend our reach to more people.

What we have

We will meet over a briefing session to explain our focus and needs for a new website. After the sessions, we will look for an external service provider to help us with the website creation.

Why this is important

We would like to create a new website to develop an online presence and expand our outreach. Our objective is to draw people’s attention by designing a simple, user friendly and informational website.

Project Period

15 Aug 2022 - 09 Sep 2022



Team Project

You’ll be working with other awesome volunteers.


10 hours in total

Time Commitment


  • Strategy Consulting
  • Wordpress
  • Website Advisor
  • Website Development


  • Chinese (Cantonese)

Experience Level

  • Some experience
  • Extensive experience

About the Organization

The Peak Hunter Foundation Limited

The Peak Hunter Foundation Limited



What we do

本會深信大自然運動可以鍛煉堅毅的意志,這正正是青少年成長所需的重要元素,我們致力將大自然運動推廣至青少年,使大自然運動能普及化,更希望青少年能通過大自然運動可以多了解自己並得到健康的身心發展,達致生活平衡。 本會的服務包括 : 青少年越野跑訓練班、體能訓練班、教練培訓班 舉辦青少年越野跑活動 越野跑比賽支援 野外安全、山野禮儀及環保意識 推廣

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