Computer Science Internship Program Mentor

Mentor undergraduate computer science interns in designing charity-related software

Project Details

What we need

  • Join a 1 hour briefing call with the team to learn more about our organisation and aims of the mentorship program
  • Research charitable applications of the metaverse (referred to as SunshineVerse)
  • Develop a pilot experiment for the SunshineVerse (e.g. virtual travel, virtual medical consultation, virtual shopping etc.)


We are looking for a strong mentor who is able to support our interns from the Sunshine Summer Tech-Charity Internship 2022 in the research on use-cases of the metaverse for charitable purposes and development of pilot software. The majority of our interns are undergraduate students from QS Top 10 universities who specialise computer science.

What we have

We are able to provide our organization's pre-existing research on the metaverse for charitable purposes. There will be regular communication and updates with the team to ensure the program runs smoothly. Our organisation already has a website which you can find at:

Why this is important

With your help, we will be able to explore how we can expand our abilities to help the needed by keeping up with the latest technology. The innovative ideas you develop with the interns will greatly benefit the underprivileged in Hong Kong. Sunshine Action is a non-profit organisation founded in Hong Kong in 2008. Since our establishment, the charity has partnered with over 600 local centres and organisations across 20 countries including the USA, UK, and Hong Kong, helping over 300,000 individuals and poor families. Our programs span 14 of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, mainly focusing on food and hunger.

Project Period

07 Jul 2022 - 18 Aug 2022



Team Project

You’ll be working with other awesome volunteers.


2 hours per week

Time Commitment


  • Mentorship
  • Research and Development
  • Software Development


  • English

About the Organization

Sunshine Action

Sunshine Action


PovertyCommunity DevelopmentHuman Rights

What we do

Sunshine Action is an international, non-profit charity organisation dedicated to the welfare of underprivileged groups in society. Since its foundation in 2008, Sunshine Action has directly helped over 300,000 people in need and low-income families around the world, partnering with over 600 charitable organisations across 20 countries worldwide. The charity has widely expanded in volunteers since its creation, having had more than 10,000 individuals helping with its’ mission. Sunshine Action continue to expand with bases in the United Kingdom and the United States, working with interns to further the vision established at the very heart of the charity: staying committed to serving those in need.

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