Article Translator (Chi to Eng)

Help us to translate our articles from Chinese to English (2,100-3,300 words each)

Project Details

What we need

  • Translate the content of our website from Chinese to English
  • First priority is "Causes & Campaigns" page (
  • There are 23 pages/articles in total (2,100-3,300 words per article), you can decide how many articles you can help with based on your capacity/availability


By documenting each patient’s story through text and video, we strive to share their narrative with the public.

What we have

The original content will be provided to you for translation.

Why this is important

To promote an inclusive society by raising and increasing public awareness of rare diseases through community education.

Project Period

25 May 2022 - 10 Jul 2022




8 hours per month

Time Commitment


  • Translation
  • Writing


  • Chinese (Cantonese)
  • English

Experience Level

  • Students
  • Some experience
  • Extensive experience

About the Organization

Lifewire Foundation Limited

Lifewire Foundation Limited


Community DevelopmentYouthDisability

What we do

Lifewire is the very first crowdfunding platform for children with rare diseases in Hong Kong. Founded in 2014, we strive to assist rare disease patients with urgent and long-term medical expenses to address the scarcity of funding for this marginalised group. Lifewire brings together patients, charities, donors, volunteer sand medical experts into a tightly knit community to provide a channel for those in need to receive help. Through hosting a variety of fundraising events and volunteer activities, we aspire to raise public awareness of rare diseases and promote an inclusive society.

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