Social Media Content Creator

Social media guru to help make posts for Facebook (MDWs) and Linkedin (lawyers, partners)

Social Media Content Creator
Human Rights
Gender Equality
Community Development

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Project Details

What we need
  • Join our bi-weekly 30-60min catch up calls to discuss on our progress, brainstorm ideas, and review our work together
  • Create one post per week, we'll delegate tasks based on your availability and capacity
  • Brainstorm and execute ideas for social media campaigns - event reviews, celebrating partnerships, promoting fundraising events
  • Monitor content performances on FB, LinkedIn and drive traffic by devising ad boost
  • Conduct research on Migrant Worker Discussion Forums on Facebook and create content specific for them
  • Be our moderator for our social media platforms, answer enquiries and direct messages

1. Platinum Sponsor Series that celebrate our partnership with law firms and their pro bono efforts 2. Fundraising promotion - poster, banner design, boosting on social media 3. Event reviews - making short video reels of training events 4. Annual Report highlights - once it is published we make quick infographics to promote

What we have

Branding guidelines, design templates, login to Canva, social media platforms, and access to previous collaterals will be provided. Volunteers should have their own laptops with Microsoft Office products and the ability to communicate via web applications (email, calendar) throughout the day.

Why this is important

Our social media platforms, Facebook, Linkedin, and website are crucial communication channels to spread our mission and impacts made to the wider public. Facebook is a popular platform for migrant worker discussion forums where they raise inquiries on their workers' rights and entitlements. Hence, we hope we can raise our popularity among MDWs and that we are a reliable and accessible source of legal aid for them. Moreover, as an NGO specializing in a niche service, cross-border litigation for migrant workers, we hope to share our expertise with as many as possible to broaden our impact. We hope to draw more partners, such as frontline organizations, pro bono lawyers, and potential donors in supporting our work, to fast-track our common goal of making justice as migrant as mobile workers.

Project Period

26 Feb 2024 - 30 Jun 2024



Team Project

You’ll be working with other awesome volunteers.



5 hours per week

  • Canva
  • Social Media Analytics
  • Social Media Copywriting
  • Social Media Management
  • Social Media Campaign Development
  • Social Media Marketing
Experience Level
  • Students
  • Some experience
  • Extensive experience
  • Bahasa Indonesia
  • Chinese (Traditional)
  • English
  • Tagalog

About the Organization

Justice Without Borders


Human Rights
Gender Equality
Community Development
What we do

Founded in 2013, Justice Without Borders (JWB) is a regional non-profit advancing transnational access to legal assistance for migrant workers. Focusing on those who have suffered labor exploitation and human trafficking, we address the unique strategic and logistical issues that lawyers and clients face in bringing cross-border claims. We also work to scale up our impact by imparting our expertise to a growing network of frontline NGOs, law firm partners, and government agencies, so others can take on the work of cross-border access to justice. Justice Without Borders, because justice should be just as mobile as migrant workers. For more information, please visit: Website: LinkedIn: Facebook: Twitter:

Social Media Content Creator

5 hours per week, 4 months

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