Brainstorm, film and edit a 3-5 min video together with our creative team

Community Development

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Project Details

What we need
  • Brainstorming different video ideas with our Community Connections team for marketing and fundraising purposes
  • Filming video on set and on location (Please bring your shooting equipment)
  • Editing footage after recording, the final video is expected to be 3-5 minutes long
  • We will share the video direction and all relevant past references to assist you in the process

The Community Connections team works as the PR, marketing and fundraising team in ImpactHK and throughout the year we organise different campaigns to draw donations and tell stories of our community. Other than word copies, we also produce several videos to bring out different messages. This volunteer role will help us develop these videos and provide professional support on the projects.

What we have

Our team will work with the volunteer to develop the ideas and also provide various support throughout the production. Other previous materials will also be provided to set the tone and make sure the style and direction are correct.

Why this is important

We would particularly need your support towards the end of the year when we hold our winter appeal (end Nov to Dec) - this is our annual appeal and will bring in great donations to support our services.

Project Period

15 Aug 2023 - 31 Dec 2023


Varies (Depends on the theme of the videos)

Team Project

You’ll be working with other awesome volunteers.



10 hours per month

  • Fundraising Campaign
  • Video Post-Production
  • Videography
  • Video Transcription
  • Video Editing
Experience Level
  • Students
  • Some experience
  • Extensive experience
  • Chinese (Cantonese)
  • English

About the Organization

ImpactHK Limited


Community Development
What we do

We work with people experiencing homelessness to help them settle in a safe home, restore their mental and physical wellbeing, build their self-esteem, increase their social capital and discover their purpose. To do this we provide direct holistic support to people experiencing homelessness and empower them to transform their lives. At the same time we build community connections to increase collective understanding of homelessness and empathy towards the people who experience it. We also address the systemic issues that cause the housing crisis and stand up with those who lack the basic human right to safe housing.


10 hours per month, 5 months

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