Fundraising Committee Member

Help us develop, plan and organise fundraising activities and campaigns

Fundraising Committee Member
Arts & Culture

Posted about 1 month ago. Application closed.

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Project Details

What we need
  • Join us for a briefing call to learn more about our NGO, objectives and meet other committee members
  • Work with our team to brainstorm, prioritise fundraising goals and develop fundraising plan for 2024
  • Brainstorm and develop potential funder pipeline for outreach

We lack the expertise to fundraise and it would be great if we can get skilled volunteers' assistance to co-work with us, brainstorm and develop a fundraising plan for 2024.

What we have

Join us for a briefing call to learn more about our NGO and fundraising objectives

Why this is important

Help us raise support for our youth development program to promote cultural exchange and broaden the horizons of underprivileged students

Project Period

01 Dec 2023 - 30 Dec 2024





8 hours per month

  • Fundraising
  • Event Planning
  • Donor Outreach
Experience Level
  • Open to all
  • Students
  • Some experience
  • Extensive experience
  • Chinese (Mandarin)
  • Chinese (Cantonese)
  • English

About the Organization

Hong Kong Chamber of Speech and Debate香港演辯總會



Arts & Culture
What we do

Join 香港演辯總會 (Hong Kong Chamber of Speech and Debate, HKCSD) in our mission to uplift the community and promoting speech and debate. As a charitable non-profit organization, we organize impactful events such as the Multicultural Activity Day and provide training programs for students facing challenges in our community. By volunteering with us, you'll help promote cultural exchange, enhance language skills, and broaden students' horizons. Join our dynamic team and make a lasting impact on young minds. Visit our website or contact us to get involved today! 加入香港演辯總會(HKCSD),一同匡扶社群、普及演辯!我們舉辦多項重大活動,包括香港演講代表隊、演辯大使/代表隊、STEM代表隊等,並為經濟困難和多樣性學習需求的學生提供培訓課程。作為義工,你可以協助籌辦活動、採訪等,讓學生體驗不同國家的文化,擴闊視野。同時,我們還建立一個全新的演講及辯論空間,你將有機會與其他國家和地區的代表切磋口才和辯才。加入我們,一起為年輕人帶來正面的影響!

Fundraising Committee Member

8 hours per month, 1 year

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