Social Media Manager

Help us build a strong brand presence, and increase our impact while staying up-to-date with the latest trends and analytics

Social Media Manager

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Project Details

What we need
  • Developing a social media strategy that aligns our goals and objectives, and creating a content calendar to execute the strategy
  • Review and help creating engaging and relevant content that resonates with the target audience
  • Managing the social media accounts, including posting content, responding to comments and messages, and monitoring brand mentions
  • (Optional) Analyzing social media metrics to understand the effectiveness of the social media strategy, identify areas for improvement, and adjust the strategy as needed.

We are actively seeking a skilled and specialized social media manager to join us. The ideal candidate will have a solid record in developing and executing social media strategies that drive engagement, increase awareness, and mobilize support. This is an exciting opportunity to make a meaningful impact and help further our mission to protect the environment.

What we have

We will provide: (1) 30 min introduction call to brief our goal, current work and our future plan (2) Our team will be working closely with each others, we will provide enough information for you to refine our social media strategy if needed. (3) We are using Airtable for managing our social media calendar and Canva for content creation. (4) We are a team aim to grow together, don't worry to mess up and experiments are encouraged.

Why this is important

A social media manager would be crucial for us to extend the impact in the following ways: 1. Raise Awareness: You will work with fellow other content creators to create engaging content to share knowledge to the public about environmental issues and the work we are doing to address them, we can raise awareness about environmental issues and the need for action. 2. Mobilize Support: We mobilize volunteers to join our event to take action for our environment, such as clean up, recycling booth, or joining our survey. You are essential to track the progress, and adjust them as needed to achieve maximum impact. 3. Build Relationships: Social media provides an excellent opportunity for us to build relationships with the public and engage with them on a regular basis. You can respond to comments and messages, share updates on our work, and foster a sense of community among supporters.

Project Period

01 Jul 2023 - 31 Dec 2023



Team Project

You’ll be working with other awesome volunteers.



12 hours per month

  • Market Research
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Proofreading
  • Graphic Design
Experience Level
  • Some experience
  • Extensive experience
  • Chinese (Cantonese)

About the Organization

Green Hope Hong Kong


What we do

Our vision To inspire everyone to adopt a zero-waste lifestyle and strive for a sustainable Hong Kong Our work Green Hope Hong Kong (“Green Hope”) aims to promote a zero-waste community and strive for a sustainable Hong Kong. Since its establishment, Green Hope has carried out various activities and projects to encourage waste reduction, advocate zero waste, and raise awareness of circular economy principles. These activities aim to arouse public interest in and educate citizens on sustainable development and environmental protection issues and engage them in discussions, thus encouraging them to adopt a greener lifestyle and cultivate a sustainable mindset.

Social Media Manager

12 hours per month, 6 months

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