Photographer (Exhibition)

Capture an individual or family photo for a public storytelling exhibition about our community members

Photographer (Exhibition)
Community Development
Human Rights

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Project Details

What we need
  • Join a 15-min briefing prior to the photo shoot
  • Capture photos / shots with your creative direction to portray the 4 stories of our community members (individuals/families)
  • The process: You will either be paired up with a content writer and be involved in the interview, or you will be provided with the stories (depending on our client's confidentiality request)
  • Edit the final photos (Will be displayed as part of our exhibition happening in July)

We are preparing for a public exhibition in July showcasing our clients' stories with the theme of "social inclusion". Stories related to life in Hong Kong as a refugee, trafficking/exploitation experiences, post-trauma recovery, social integration etc.

What we have

We will provide you with our community members/clients' stories so you can learn more about their background and experience in Hong Kong.

Why this is important

With these stories being displayed with photographs will definitely be helpful in engaging local public audience during the exhibition, as well as to raise awareness on the vulnerable and marginalised groups in Hong Kong.

Project Period

15 May 2022 - 05 Jun 2022





14 hours in total

  • Photo Editing
  • Photography
  • Portrait Photography
  • Photo Shoot
  • Digital Photography
  • English

About the Organization

Branches of Hope


Community Development
Human Rights
What we do

Branches of Hope, founded in 2012, is a tax-exempt charity under Section 88 of the Inland Revenue Ordinance to restore Dignity, Justice and Hope to the marginalised and vulnerable in Hong Kong. We are dedicated to bringing changes to the refugees, asylum-seekers (non-refoulement claimants) and human trafficking survivors communities through Care, Empowerment and Social Reform. Branches of Hope has two initiatives including Refugee Opportunity and Development (ROAD) and Stop Trafficking of People (STOP).

Photographer (Exhibition)

14 hours in total, 22 days

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