NGO Legal Consultant

Provide legal advice on NGO compliance, governance and employment

NGO Legal Consultant
Community Development
Mental Health

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Project Details

What we need
  • Attend 3 one-hour Zoom call meetings
  • Share your experience and advice on NGO governance, compliance, and employment
  • Create employment contracts and contract for board members

Our nonprofit organization is currently undergoing the legal registration process and we would love to learn more about the legal procedures and requirements for our Board of Directors and Advisors, compliance and employment. We also need help with creating employment contracts, and contracts for board members.

What we have

During our Zoom meetings, we will provide information about our organization's needs.

Why this is important

This project would greatly help our organizational development and ensure that we are following the legal procedures required of legally registered nonprofits in HK. It would also help establish clear expectations for our staff and board members.

Project Period

08 Jun 2021 - 08 Jul 2021



Team Project

You’ll be working with other awesome volunteers.



5 hours per week

  • Legal Assistance
  • Legal Advice
  • Legal Writing
  • Legal Consultation
  • English

About the Organization

Body Banter


Community Development
Mental Health
What we do

Body Banter is Hong Kong-based registered S88 charity (91/18424) on a mission to empower youth voices in conversations about body image and mental health. Through our programs and workshops, we foster curiosity and courage in the communities we work with, helping them navigate conversations about body image and mental health topics on their own terms.

NGO Legal Consultant

5 hours per week, 1 month

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