Backend Web Developer (Wordpress)

Help us to create a faster website in the backend (ex. clearing out junk files)

Backend Web Developer (Wordpress)
Gender Equality

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Project Details

What we need
  • Clear out junk files in the backend for our WordPress website (
  • Optimising our backend to minimise the loading time and make it a faster website
  • Fix other backend problems our website may have

We need someone who can create an amazing backend of our website as it is quite slow and we are not sure why that problem is. We also look for someone who can help us explain what we can do to take care of our website from crashing in the future.

What we have

We will schedule a call to guide you on what we think should be done, but since you are the expert, we rely on you to help us understand what needs to be done.

Why this is important

This will create a smoother website for our customers to know about our Brand and have a nice customer experience.

Project Period

01 Sep 2021 - 15 Oct 2021



Honorarium available upon completion



10 hours in total

  • Wordpress
  • Website Maintenance
  • Web Minor Update
  • Website Advisor
  • Website Development
  • English

About the Organization



Gender Equality
What we do

Bampads! is a social enterprise designed to sell reusable cloth menstrual pads in Hong kong, hold workshops to raise awareness on sustainable period care products and donate sets of pads to women in need.

Backend Web Developer (Word...

10 hours in total, 2 months

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