Videographer Advisor/Mentor

Educate and provide consultation to university students on videography

Videographer Advisor/Mentor
Arts & Culture
Mental Health

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Project Details

What we need
  • Join us for a briefing call
  • Educate university student on the techniques to be a videographer
  • Prepare and provide consultation to university students about videography (around 2-3 students per session)
  • General meeting once a week

We are launching a program to educate the university student in videography. We aim to help the candidates to develop a unique skill and become a professional and talents in the videography industry, in order to help them to step into the business society more easily.

What we have

Guideline will be provided. And there are already a lot of candidate resources.

Why this is important

We aim to help young adults develop their skills though art. This campaign will facilitate their growth and prepare them before stepping into the society.

Project Period

25 Nov 2023 - 25 Jan 2024


Remote or Kwun Tong



3 hours per week

  • Videography
Experience Level
  • Some experience
  • Extensive experience
  • Chinese (Cantonese)
Age Range

About the Organization

1-art Charity Foundation HK Ltd.


Arts & Culture
Mental Health
What we do

壹藝術(香港)慈善基金會透過舉辦藝術和音樂相關的公益活動及交流,促進世界各地青少年對音樂藝術的發展,擴大偏遠地區孩子的視野和世界觀,達致社會共融。基金會創會主席陳奇偉先生曾於1988年獨自背包遊歷歐洲半年,30年後,他再發動更有意義的夢想旅程,以藝術連結及影響世界。 除了舉辦130天慈善遠征、青少年藝術創作比賽、音樂會、社區展覽外,我們亦積極經營線上媒體,分享本地年輕創作者的心路歷程,讓大眾更立體地認識本地年輕創作者,培養年輕人對藝術的興趣。 《了解更多我們》 Instagram:

Videographer Advisor/Mentor

3 hours per week, 2 months

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