Mindful Chatter 碎碎正念



Mental Health

What we do

Three Hong Kong young professionals chat about everything related to mindfulness, meditation, mental health and more, both as a personal practice to cultivate mental well-being and as an interpersonal practice to create social impact. Through heart-to-heart conversations about our own journeys and other people’s stories, we hope to share different perspectives and resources that will help you live a more mindful, peaceful and meaningful life. Are you ready to embark on a mindfulness journey with us? 三位香港年輕專業人士以正念、冥想、心理健康等為題,分享有關個人成長和社會發展的碎碎念。我們希望通過有關個人經歷和他人故事的真誠對話,啟發大家尋找更加快樂和有意義的生活。您,準備好與我們踏上這正念之旅嗎? #mindfulchatter #碎碎正念

Past Projects

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