Kiddio Limited

Hong Kong


Community Development

What we do

Kiddio is committed to provide professional and sincere educational services since September 2020 and registrated as non-profit organization in December 2020 (IR File No.: 91/17683). In light of the changes in society and the needs of children, Kiddio adopts “Learner-centered” and “Child-centered” as our core value, and upholds the essential principle of “Understanding and respecting the unique development patterns of every child”. Kiddio mainly strives to help children with learning difficulties, including non-Chinese children, children with dyslexia, special educational needs, and ADHD. We bridge their learning gap, rekindle their interest in learning, and build self-confidence through our professional and evidence-based intervention programs such as Speech Therapy, Sensory Exercises, Social Worker Counseling, Academic After-school programs and Chinese Classes. Kiddio also provides general playgroups, workshops and academic after-school programs to underprivileged children and their families.

Past Projects

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