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"Manggongzhu" is the name of a Yacht as well as an old man, who had a sobbing upbringing as a rebellious teenager. He found himself out of the place in the mainstream education system. His life took a dramatic turn when he was aware of Worldwide Sea’s training school and successfully applied for it. The six-year stint with the company was life changing and the most rewarding chapter in his career. The 56-feet, 32-people yacht is named after Manggongzhu. Subsequently the family of late philanthropist Mr Li Fook Hing donated his favourite 32-feet TRU-LUV II yacht that we have upgraded to Manggongzhu 2 and will benefit even more young people. Manggongzhu has come across many teenagers who dropped out of schools prematurely, find life hopeless and are jobless. They need care and guidance. Therefore, Manggongzhu supports a group of young people to set up Hong Kong Yacht & Start-Up Association and make good use of the Manggongzhu yacht to create opportunities on board and make a difference in their lives.

Past Projects

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