Hong Chi Association

Hong Kong




What we do

Hong Chi is dedicated to quality service in educating, training and empowering people with intellectual disabilities and their families and to improve services on a continuous basis. We have 100 service centers and schools now. We believe… - That people with intellectual disabilities have the same rights, freedoms and responsibilities as other members of the community. - That they should be given every opportunity to develop physically, intellectually, socially, spiritually and emotionally. - That they should be encouraged and helped to participate fully in family and community life. - That all forms of discrimination against people with intellectual disabilities should not be tolerated. We will… - Listen to the needs and wishes of people with intellectual disabilities and their families. - Develop them to their fullest potential through training, education and employment and assist them to live as independently as possible. - Advocate for changes at the local and regional levels for people with intellectual disabilities. - Promote understanding and acceptance of people with intellectual disabilities.

Past Projects

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